• 5 Smart Ways to Use Your Content

    5 Smart Ways to Use Your Content

    I will not discover the usefulness of content generation as a marketing strategy. Not even the importance of Inbound Marketing as a paradigm shift in the relationship between companies and their customers (current and potential). I am much more interested in inquiring and sharing with you, some important aspects for the next step to generating content. Because […]

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  • 63% of online players via mobile are women

    63% of online players via mobile are women

    Games are already a mode of intrusion, a place for evasion of the real world; but have taken on a new face, becoming a new way of socializing. Interestingly no longer are considered a territory of men, but now it is women who have taken the lead, those who reign in this new playful social environment. According to […]

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  • Are Facebook Ads a Lie

    Are Facebook Ads a Lie?

    I have always liked to be critical and question the importance or not of the number of followers of a page on Facebook, the crowded question of whether size matters, is something that in one way or another, many times, I have wondered. I remember with my first projects, as from the beginning I tried […]

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