• 6 Ways to Measure ROI in Social Networks

    6 Ways to Measure ROI in Social Networks

    Last year was closed with a big question, the great headache for marketers and SMEs, the famous ROI in Social Networks. Is it possible to measure it? In my opinion, yes. But I do not mean the possibility of measuring that ROI with the appearance of smoke of which so many speak, that deep down they do not […]

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  • Keys to new mobile marketing

    Keys to new mobile marketing

    There are 4 billion mobile phones in the world, of which 27% are smartphones, which means that there are 1 billion potential buyers for mcommerce. The use of these smart devices continues in crescendo, to the point that in 2014 users are expected to navigate more time with their mobile than with the computer. This implies an […]

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  • The web of ROI in the social media strategy

    The web of ROI in the social media strategy

    Increasingly close to measuring it with absolute numerical efficiency. The Return of Investment (ROI) is intended to be applied (on many occasions) to social marketing campaigns with data that are more qualitative than quantitative. Consequently, its end result is complex to convert into numbers to justify the investments made. Sometimes some agencies and brand managers base our campaigns on […]

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  • Five Essential Membership Management Features

    When your organisation’s online membership reaches the point where its success depends on efficient 24/7 support, it’s time to look at more sophisticated membership software. Here are five reasons why good software is essential to maintain a thriving membership base. Image Credit Flexible Form Building The first point of contact a member will have with […]

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  • Can you be a self-taught Community Manager

    Can you be a self-taught Community Manager?

    It has been a boom, trend or profession arisen from a need, but the truth is that  Community Manager  is one of the professions most sought after by companies today and of greater prospects for 2013. The  management of the online communities  of companies or individuals has a career exit and future projection, that is why many professionals in […]

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