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How to find a good accountant in Stroud to help your business grow

For customers searching Accountants Stroud, a variety of options will appear on Google. One of the options will be a Randall-Payne website with lots of useful information. The website shows customers that the accountant available can provide a wide range of accounting supports which will meet all accountancy needs. These needs could include ensuring compliance with HMRC or Companies House. This is very important for people who want to avoid making any mistakes and want to run their business in a legitimate and proper manner. Some people may accidentally make mistakes when setting up their first business due to ignorance, this is another reason why finding a helpful and supportive accountant is important.

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For companies who are struggling to grow due to a number of different reasons, an accountant can be one of the ways in which this can be improved. Good accountants can help to identify methods to generate more growth. Growth could be seen in the increase of customers and/or clients or in an increase of profits, these usually happen at the same rate for established companies. All the accountants on the website are all capable of providing these services.

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What does the future hold for courier services?

At the moment the situation with courier services is quite rosy. The privatisation of Royal Mail and the opening up of its markets has meant that there is lots more choice for residential and commercial plus B2B traffic for  the consumer and use ro choose from. The need for immediate postal requirements or even a service that Same Day Courier Camberley based firm UKTDL provide has risen greatly. Now companies and businesses look to be more dynamic in their outlooks plus more demanding of the service needs.

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What does the future hold for these businesses? Again there is reason to be hopeful.  The rise of the online shop has brought great growth potential. The recent crisis has seen a massive influx of online shopping activity. The High Street was already in trouble and with the trend of today’s online sales exponentially growing year on year with no signs of abatement this crisis may well have sped up this High Street decline for all but a few. However the immediacy of the town or shopping experience still holds many consumers in its thrall.

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For the online companies, or those that are starting to dabble in it, the way to beat the others both static and online is to offer that immediacy. Using same or next day couriers either inhouse or by tender has brought the speed of delivery to the home. It is already in place with food retailers such as Just Eat. This is where the future of the courier depends.

Are you Thinking of Building your Own Office at Home?

2020 has been the year of many changes to our lives, and one of these is working from home. Working from home is something that many people have had to adjust to during these strange times, and for a wide range of reasons, even when the pandemic is over there will still be a large number of people doing this.


One of the things that is essential when working at home is a space which is a designated place to work. Having peace and quiet to concentrate on working is important – so if you are one of many people who will be making home working a long term thing, you may want to consider having your own home office.

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There are many ways that you can create a home office. If you are short of space in the house, why not have a garden room for use and an office? This also has the advantage of being completely separate from the house, meaning that you are much less likely to be distracted by the household.

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The first things to do when planning an office space for your home are to work out what you can afford to spend on it – consult an accountant such as Chippendale and Clark accountants Chippenham who may be able to advise you.


The next step is to work out where your office will fit in – a builder or an architect will be able to help you with this, and you can look around online at other ways people have created an office in their home.

Choosing the right timber for your project

Do you know exactly what you need? Unless you’re experienced with using timber for projects, chances are you will need some guidance. There are different factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right wood.

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With so many different types of wood available, it can feel like a bit of a minefield. If you need timber for external use, just looking at it won’t tell you much. Taking the advice of someone who has been in the timber industry for some time will ensure you get exactly what you need for your project. Timber that is commonly used for outdoor use includes redwood, pine and cedar. Which one you choose depends on your personal taste, budget and requirements. For help from Southampton Timber Merchants, visit a site like Timbco

Timber is separated into categories including sapwoods, hardwoods and softwoods. For exterior use, one of the most important factors is how well it stands up to the elements. For timber that is naturally weather-resistant, varieties to choose from include teak and black locust. Think about the weather and climate where you live and avoid a type that might succumb to rotting or warping.

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For indoor projects, a wider variety of woods are suitable including both soft and hardwoods. You may wish to use a hardwood for projects that require sturdiness, such as staircases and banisters, for example. For furniture projects, a softer wood like pine is commonly used for items like cupboards, tables and doors.

Keeping your office space secure

Running a business comes with some risks and having your premises broken into and important and expensive items taken is one of these risks. There are a number of things that you can do to help keep your office space secure.

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  1. CCTV – consulting with a CCTV Manchester company, or one local to your area is a great option for providing your place of work with added security. CCTV Manchester Installers Red Dam, for example, can help with cameras for both the interior and exterior of your building. It is important to ensure that you follow all the regulations relating to CCTV and you can find these on the government website.
  1. Locks – having the right locks on your doors and windows is essential to help prevent people from breaking into your property and taking items. Depending on the equipment that you have in your building you may have different types of locks or multiple locks in some places.

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  1. Security staff – shops tend to have security staff who work inside the premises to help prevent shoplifting but manufacturing businesses and warehouses also have security staff who tend to patrol the premises during the evenings. This is usually where high risk items are being stored or manufactured.

Having some of these above suggestions in place cna help to mitigate some of the risks of having an office space and of course it is incredibly important to ensure that you have the right level of insurance for your given busienss type.

The Advantages of Cashless Payments for Your Business

Cashless payments are one of the most successful methods of getting customers to buy products and services. This method of payment has enabled companies to use their credit card machines or an online portal for accepting payment for services as well as goods.

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In the United States, more than 80% of the companies that accept payments with credit cards are using cashless payments. In some cases, the number of businesses accepting payments with a credit card machine is more than the number of businesses accepting cash payments. Cashless payments make it possible for you to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Find out about the benefits of offering an Online Payment Gateway at a site like

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Before you get a credit card machine for your business or a system for making virtual payments, it is important for you to check out what benefits you can get from this equipment. There are different types of equipment to choose from including POS software and credit card terminals. You will find that there are different rates associated with the purchases you make with the card machines, so you should compare all your options before making a decision. You can also check out the types of merchants who will offer you special deals if you sign up for their programs. When you decide which option would work best for your business, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of cashless payments for your business.

Why you need to choose the right domain name

All businesses need an online presence to reassure potential customers that the business is real and has been successfully trading. It is important that the name used for the business’s online presence reflects what the company offers or is memorable for some other reason.

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Naming your domain

Selecting the right domain name is crucial for any business. Whatever your business name or the type of business you have, the domain should reflect this. Ideally, you should aim to have a domain that is the same as your business name to reinforce your brand.

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It may be that the domain you want to use is already taken; however, if this is the case, all is not lost. You can still have the name you want but with a different extension; for example, instead of .com or, you could have the name with .uk, .io or one of some 700 different extensions. These include those that are industry-specific, such as .photography, .plumbing, .builders or .boutique.

The name you choose must be memorable, not too long, and ideally not include any word that has an alternative spelling or any numbers. It is important to remember that the domain you choose affects the reputation of your business, so you must ensure that you make the right choice.

Helping search engines to find your site

When someone searches for your business name or your type of business, you want to feature on the first page of the search results. Setting up the keywords for search engine optimisation (SEO) is especially important, as this will determine whether your site appears in the right place in the search results.

It is also a good idea to use keywords in your choice of domain alongside your business name, such as In addition to including all the relevant keywords on your website, the title of the website must be relevant to your business, as this is looked at when a search occurs.

To help with your search for the right domain, contact a provider such as Your provider will also be able to tell you whether the name you have chosen is already taken.


In addition to your business name, choosing the right domain is extremely important so that your potential and existing customers can easily find your business.

Tips for running a successful restaurant

Running a restaurant is a complicated business and there may be some common problems that you will face that all restaurants struggle with at some point. There is a high level of competition and a lot of fine details to improve but by understanding what the problems are, you can prepare to face these challenges head on and with success. 60% of businesses fail within the first year so make sure that you are not one of those statistics.

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Having a unique selling point is very important and helps to make sure your business is a success and is known for something special in your area. Top class food service and amazing customer service are very important, but you need to go one better than that and offer your customers a reason why they have to eat at your establishment and not another.

Customer service can be a sticking point for the restaurant. Customers will make their judgement on this, never mind how incredible the meals are. Bad service is always remembered! To prevent problems, make sure everyone hired in your business is trained in the company values. The same must be said of food handling training. For help from Food safety Consultants, visit a site like MQM, suppliers of Food safety Consultants

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The menu is also an issue that needs careful consideration. Do you have a theme to obey? Is your food well priced? Do you offer too many or too few items to choose from? Getting a great menu is a balancing act. Try to keep your menu according to your unique selling point, or you can go way off track and offer customers a confusing experience.

Types of business events

The most common business events are held because they manage to achieve what planners are looking for. No matter whether it’s a golf tournament, a conference or networking breakfast meetings, businesses use events to join people together and create exciting relationships and connections. The following are a few examples of the most common business events:


These are held for a targeted audience and provide information on relevant sectors. Their length can vary from a few hours to several days, with a primary or multiple speaker giving presentations. They are usually held in conference centres or large hotels. For Function Rooms Newbury, visit a site like Newbury Races, a leading provider of Function Rooms Newbury.

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Trade fairs

The purpose of the trade show is lead generation and strengthening the image of being an industry leader in certain sectors. They take place in enormous locations where it’s common for hundreds of traders to display products and services.

Team Building

The purpose of this activity is to foster self-confidence, build the power of the people, encourage and promote goodwill. They are a great opportunity for employees to spend time with each other in a non-work environment. Events usually include some outdoor activities, such as canoeing, orienteering or assault courses, for example.

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The Product Launch

These events vary in magnitude from small exclusive gatherings to disseminate information about the new product to large launch parties for staff with media and celebrities in attendance. Successful launch events aim to create lots of media buzz and might include things like entertainment, presentations, live bands or singers, top executive talks and celebrity endorsement.

Why retail cleaning is so important

First impressions can make or break a retail business. A good first impression is essential in retail stores as it can be the difference between customers returning to your business or choosing never to set foot in your store again. From grocery stores and clothing outlets to pharmacies and boutique shops, hygiene plays a big role in creating a better retail experience.

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Shiny floors, clean changing rooms and fresh store environment is a decisive factor in creating an enjoyable shopping experience and increasing customer loyalty. If you run or own a retail store, you should be aware of the fact that presentation is important, whether it is at the cash counter, in the aisles or in the display window.

Here’s how commercial cleaning can help you maintain the appearance of your retail store:

  • Deep cleaning each zone inside a store: Retail stores have a variety of zones, including outside the store, store front, merchandise, changing room, point of sale, washroom and others. A commercial cleaning company will clean up all of these zones, as well as the flooring, the stairways and any other public and staff areas.
  • Cleaning of displays and windows: Dirty windows create a bad impression for your customers, blocking the view from outside the store and preventing natural light from flowing in. When displays are left untouched, they collect dust and make your retail store look dirty and uncared for. A regular commercial clean can include both display and window cleaning in the package so that your customers can enjoy what’s on offer inside your store.
  • Improve air quality and ventilation: an unpleasant odour can ruin the customer’s mood when they enter your store. This can lower the possibility that they will buy any products from your store. Improving the air quality of your retail establishment means getting your HVAC system cleaned from time to time by a commercial cleaning company. For Office Cleaning City of London, visit a site like Classic Cleaning Services, a top company for Office Cleaning City of London.

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Those instant impressions from customers are the reason that retailers are investing so heavily in studies on the psychology of colour and design of the store. This is the reason that the sale signs are always red, and that the area for casual browsing has ambient lighting.

To maximize these effects, you need to make sure that you keep the colours strong and the lighting clear. You need to ensure that all glass and metal is kept clean, the surfaces are spotless, and that your staff have regular access to things such as hand sanitisers, even if they only handle non-durable products or cash.

We all know that the health, safety and hygiene are strict legal requirements for retailers. Finding a company that can advise and support you in meeting these requirements, and the important fundamental expectations of your customers, it is essential.