Are Facebook Ads a Lie

Are Facebook Ads a Lie?

I have always liked to be critical and question the importance or not of the number of followers of a page on Facebook, the crowded question of whether size matters, is something that in one way or another, many times, I have wondered. I remember with my first projects, as from the beginning I tried […]

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  • 5 big trends to know in material engineering

    When it comes to engineered products, we often focus more on the end result, but the individual components that make up these items can be just as impressive. Here is a look at five of the trends that will make a big impact on materials engineering in the future. Image Credit Exceptionally thin materials Graphite […]

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  • Questions To know someone better

    21 Questions To know someone better

    In this article I will propose 21 questions to help you learn more about the personality and preferences of the person you want to learn more without falling into the typical What would you take to a desert island? O What is your favorite song? Also the you can apply to your normal social relationships […]

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  • UK caterers

    UK caterers struggling with EU allergen laws

    It has now been a year since every catering business, from restaurants and hotels through to mobile caterers and even motorway service stations, have had to record, track, and communicate effectively to their potential customers which food allergens are present in their food. The 14 foods most likely to cause an allergic reaction include nuts, […]

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