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Electronic systems that you might not know about

Electronic door locks use a variety of technology to replace the old-fashioned keys and locks. Some models use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) whilst others use keypads, Bluetooth or biometric technology.

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The first electronic locks were essentially a keypad and all you had to do was enter a numerical code of four or six numbers to open the door. Keypads are still widely used in electronic entry systems but these days they use touchscreen panels. It has also been necessary to introduce extra security features to make sure that criminals do not discover your personal code.

RFID transmits a radio signal to the lock using a key fob or card. Bluetooth uses a similar method using a smartphone’s Bluetooth ID. Biometric entry can use fingerprint, iris or facial recognition to open locks. According to Drs. Nathaniel J. Short, Benjamin S. Riggan, and Shuowen “Sean” Hu, from the US Army Research Laboratory, it is now even possible for face recognition technology to work in the dark using thermal imaging.

Here are six popular electronic locking systems that you may want to select for your home. Of course it is always best to consult with Locksmith in Dublin before changing any of your locks to ensure that they are suitable for your doors and windows.

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August smart key lock

This provides secure access via an iOS or Android device. It works independently through a Bluetooth connection but can also work through Wi-Fi. You can let anyone have a virtual key and limit when they can use it.

Kwikset Kevo

A combination of conventional keyed locks with advanced technology, namely Bluetooth and RFID. Doors can be opened using a smartphone or a key fob.

SoHoMiLL YL 99

A cheap and simple starter electronic door lock using a programmable passcode. Easy to understand and simple to install.

Yale Touch Screen Deadbolt

This is a high-end Yale lock combined with a push button keypad or touchscreen. It is compatible with Zigbee and Z-Wave independent mesh networks amongst others.

Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

A classic touchscreen door entry offering excellent security. It includes an audible alarm sensor and fingerprint-resistant touchscreen.

Samsung Digital Door Lock

The lock can be used as part of a smart home system and will integrate with video cameras and security sensors.

The technological and weird world of Microsoft.

Where would we be without the company Microsoft? It has risen to be the most powerful and influential computer technological firm in the world. It has given us one of the first computer language system, MS-DOS, ever to be used on a global stage and giving rise to the  universal system of Windows and its many versions of updates. When it comes to the management of your systems, an IT Support Cheltenham based team like provide IT Support in Cheltenham can certainly provide the support needed. But where did Microsoft come from?

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The company gets its name from one half of its creator Bill Gates. He sent a letter to Paul Allen, the other founder, with the words Micro-soft. It’s thought that this is an amalgamation of words microcomputer and software. They started the company in 1976 and it was soon to grow into the large company that it is today. Back then it was customary to produce both the hardware and the operating system but with the invention and coding of MS-DOS Gates and his team had finally found a formula that the general public could get on board with using the simple icons to link to programs and call it Windows. Although it was a rough and basic system, a constant criticism at the time, it was user friendly and meant that for the first time the general public to use and follow a computer without having to have to learn a whole new computer language.

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Soon the company began to gain traction. Hardware makers began to have Windows installed into the machine so that it was ready to use the moment it was switched on. IBM and Hewlett Packard were some of the first and it was not long before Microsoft began to attract other interests to work with them. Foremost of this was legendary early Roxy Music member Brian Eno. With the company at the the height of its powers he wrote the famous start up tune to Windows 95 describing the experience as amazing and cementing his own career.

Working for them is one of the strangest experiences to be had by an employee carrying on the quirkiness of the founders. For example drinks are free with Milk and Orange Juice being the most popular plus there are lots of sweeties to be had. With the considerable amount of employees to feed there are thirty five restaurants and  the most favoured food of choice at lunchtime is Pizza

Mobile and Geolocation: I am here and now, what do you offer me?

62% of users include geolocation when publishing their updates on social networks. This data has been extracted from the second wave of the year of the Mobile Audience Insights Report, carried out by JiWire among a sample of around 1,400 consumers in the United States. The study includes the actions carried out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. Continue reading Mobile and Geolocation: I am here and now, what do you offer me?

Pre-Roll Videos: When Advertising Overcomes Information and Becomes an Interruption

Online videos have undoubtedly become one of the biggest phenomena of the last decade of the internet. Specialized sites and portals like YouTube have completely revolutionized this new support and some data make it clear. During the past year 2011 broke the record of daily reproductions, surpassing the 4,000 million. At present, 72 hours of video per minute are uploaded worldwide, which has led YouTube to become the third most visited page in the world. Continue reading Pre-Roll Videos: When Advertising Overcomes Information and Becomes an Interruption

Only 10% of websites are mobile-optimized

It is expected that during this year online traffic registered via mobile will be equivalent to that of the computer, which implies that companies must have a web ready to be displayed correctly on smart devices. 

During the past year 2012, the volume of mcommerce registered only in the United States exceeded 11 billion dollars. This figure is expected to double sharply in 3 years, to reach $ 31 billion by 2015. However, only 10% of websites are mobile optimized. In the latest Google Research study, special emphasis was placed on the fact that brands that do not have a mobile site could lose up to 40% of profits. Continue reading Only 10% of websites are mobile-optimized

Some charge a web like a kilo of fillets

Although for years I left the stormy world of website creation, by my daily activity still I have great relationship with him and I realize that there are many organizations who can not hire a web for the same or does as he who will a butcher shop to buy a kilo of fillets, without realizing that the web in most cases is their main escape and in some cases the only one. Continue reading Some charge a web like a kilo of fillets

Understanding transformer cores

In a transformer, two electrical circuits are joined by a magnetic field linked to both. They are used to change electricity from one voltage to another: to step up voltage, to step down voltage and to keep the end user safe from electrical current. They may be used in electricity substations, loudspeaker systems and even model railways. Transformers, like most electronic machinery, comprise many different interconnected parts, with the majority of the transformer made up of the core. Transformer cores come in different shapes, sizes and materials, depending on what the transformer will be used for. Continue reading Understanding transformer cores

Google Starts Street View In Greece

Google is a one of the multinational company developing the best products which are competition over the world. The Google is the internet based company releasing the most of better products in the market. Those products include advertising, searching, cloud computing and other related products. The Google has the most of assets earns from the advertising. Basically the Google organization was established in the year 1998 on September 4. This Google organization headquarters located at the California in the U.S. This was nicknamed at that place at the Googleplex. And this, Google is the one of the best multinational American company. Continue reading Google Starts Street View In Greece