The best ways to use animation on your website

Animation has a power, purpose and reach way beyond entertainment. The pressure to unveil a sleek, sophisticated site can be overwhelming, particularly as animation influences so much of what we see online. Here we take you beneath the surface to reveal basic design practices to help you bring your website to life. Image Credit Why? […]

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  • Exploring New Kinks As A Couple

    Exploring New Kinks As A Couple

    Ever since the release of best selling book 50 Shades of Grey women around the world have started to experiment and talk more about their intimate lives. While male exploits are usually welcomed with a pat on the back, females are often condemned for their sexual lives. What this book has done is bring to […]

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  • Safe and Smart2

    Safe and Smart

    Smart technology has the potential to make life much easier and streamline activities – anything from getting out of bed in the morning to locking up at night. Investing in automated systems and appliances with Wi-Fi capability and mobile integration is one of the simplest ways to join the smart home revolution. As with any […]

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  • What is eCommerce2

    What is eCommerce?

    Due to the massive growth of the internet, there are now numerous ways that business can be conducted online. Having an internet business allows skilled people to offer their expertise to a much wider geographical area or to make money by selling merchandise. Internet business ventures will most definitely need the development of a strong […]

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  • Lawn Decoration Ideas for Halloween

    Lawn Decoration Ideas for Halloween

    Just like that, we’re already heading into the last quarter of the year. It seems like just yesterday we greeted each other with ‘Happy New Year,’ and now we’re only a few months away from doing it all over again. Before you get ready for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays, make sure you […]

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  • Trends which are changing medical trials

    For years, medical trials were conducted along the same lines. But new trends are currently revolutionising the way that trials take place and how patients interact with clinical researchers. Image Credit 1. Wearables Collecting data from patients has hitherto been an expensive and time-consuming business. But wearable technology, such as the fitness monitor, has the […]

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  • Top tips for entering the world of Marketing2

    Top tips for entering the world of Marketing

    When it comes to entering the world of marketing, it seems that many graduates aren’t totally prepared for working in the real world. Here are some things that you should know before you enter the professional world of marketing. 1) Don’t be afraid of numbers. The temptation in higher education is to avoid the things […]

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  • Pros and Cons of Home Working

    Increasingly people are choosing to work from home. With most work being done online, it’s now easier than ever to work remotely from a computer or laptop and you can virtually do this from anywhere with an internet connection. This opens up many new possibilities for the way businesses organise and structure themselves but also […]

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