Pros and Cons of Home Working

Increasingly people are choosing to work from home. With most work being done online, it’s now easier than ever to work remotely from a computer or laptop and you can virtually do this from anywhere with an internet connection. This opens up many new possibilities for the way businesses organise and structure themselves but also […]

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  • Why web design is not a dying profession

    Changes in the web design industry and the proliferation of free design resources have led some people to question whether web design is a profession facing extinction; however, there are many reasons to conclude that web design is still alive and kicking. Image Credit Maintaining security Web design is not just about creating a site […]

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  • Top things to know about DAB aerials

    DAB radio is the smart choice when you want portable sound that’s crystal clear and crackle free. However, you’ll almost certainly still need an aerial to pick up the huge range of available channels. Image Credit Will I need a new aerial? Your DAB radio will usually ship with an interior aerial, either a telescopic […]

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  • Cleaning on top of the world

    Cleaning on top of the world

    Have you ever stayed in a high rise hotel or worked in a skyscraper and wondered how on earth they clean the windows up that high? Washing windows is a tiring and time consuming task at normal level but imagine how challenging it must be to clean them twenty storeys up? Surely this must be […]

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  • Employee relocation from an HR perspective

    Employee relocation from an HR perspective

    Whilst offering relocation opportunities to your workforce can help you attract, retain and develop staff, relocation comes at a cost in time and finance to the organisation, whilst to the employee, there can be a great psychological impact. Image Credit The psychological effects of relocation Even if, alongside the relocation policy, a company has provided […]

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  • Why Video Content Is the Future

    If you work in business or marketing, you have no doubt heard much about video marketing and the fact it is the next big channel. Already, all social media platforms have embraced it as a key form of content delivery, and users will know themselves that when they scroll through their own news feed they […]

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  • The Three Main Designs of Fabric Tensile Structures

    Architects can make striking, eye-catching features using tensile structures to design aesthetic free-form canopies. Basically, these structures are formed of components acting in tension, not compression, such as tents, suspended roofs and suspension bridges. There are three main designs of fabric tensile structures. Image Credit Mast-supported Structures These look like a tent and use the […]

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  • Which one's watching you

    Which one’s watching you?

    There are a huge number of different cameras in the world today. The human race is obsessed with watching itself, capturing moments and developing technology to broaden the applications for cameras. We can now place tiny cameras inside people to diagnose illness and capture images of distant stars. Maybe because our time here on earth […]

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