• Six things that motivate employees
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    Six things that motivate employees

    To get the best out of your team, consider what motivates them so you can be sure they always perform at their best. Image Credit More money and responsibility aren’t the only ways to motivate people. These six points can all be effective in encouraging your employees to achieve more and stay with your business […]

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    How a Rural Office Location Can Help Beat Stress

    It is not just in business that things move at a swifter pace these days. Modern life in general is faster than ever – a whirlwind of events to negotiate and conquer. When it comes to the work-life balance, the scales are most definitely weighed down on the work side of things. With life lived […]

How to improve efficiency when order picking

As a business, how can you improve efficiency in the process of taking orders to make customers happy and increase accuracy and increase profits? Here are some tips for improving your warehouse selection processes: Touch an item once: Focus to prevent errors during pickup and you won’t need to repack, or check shipping. The selected […]

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  • The New Breed of Tech Companies

    Companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Facebook have long been known for their innovative attitudes towards their staff. They provide a variety of perks and benefits, as well as more relaxed offices, with a focus on activities, food, and fun. This way of working has started to trickle down to smaller companies, and has finally […]

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  • What struggles do chefs deal with at work?

    Many TV shows have glamorised the role of the chef, but it’s not all about serving up delicious cuisine. Here are some of the common struggles that many chefs have to face. Image Credit Unsociable working hours Chefs don’t tend to work regular, 9-5 hours, which can impinge on your social life. According to Chefs […]

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  • How to Rinse Toxic Metals out of Soil

    Though we use harmless and safe metals every day, heavy metals such as cadmium or lead can pollute the soil, usually as a by-product of industrial processes. Consuming or being in contact with toxic metals can make people ill, so a contaminated area becomes a no-go zone. A new process offers more options for cleaning […]

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  • Improving efficiency with a conveyor

    A company that constantly handles various types of materials in their factories, will usually have a conveyor system. According to the required application and specific work area, this is one efficient tool and here is what they are used for: To transport food in large quantities Bulk materials, from minerals, chemicals, food, or others that […]

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  • Disputes arising from your Will

    When it comes to the legal world and the world of wills in particular it can become an incredibly emotionally charged time. There are a staggering amount of people in the UK who have still not made a will and without one it can leave their family not only in turmoil at having lost their […]

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  • Fascinating Facts About Nuclear Energy

    Nuclear energy has been and continues to be highly controversial. It is an awesome way to create sustainable power but when it goes wrong, the results are truly catastrophic. While the possibility of recurrence of such accidents is small, the scale of damage to the environment and our health will be a big disaster. That […]

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  • Why you should treat your brand like a person

    Of all the steps and techniques you’ve ever read about successful branding, has the idea of treating your brand like a person ever appeared? Possibly not – but this technique is, in fact, one of the most powerful that you have at your disposal for brand success. Image Credit Why? Because customers identify with people. […]

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