• Do you need a specialist conveyancer?
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    Do you need a specialist conveyancer?

    Moving home involves making multiple key decisions that can be the difference between a short and long turn around, and also the difference between being in, or out, of pocket. We explore how choosing a specialist conveyancer can save homebuyers both time and money in comparison to appointing a traditional solicitor. They can help with […]

  • Electronic systems that you might not know about
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    Electronic systems that you might not know about

    Electronic door locks use a variety of technology to replace the old-fashioned keys and locks. Some models use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) whilst others use keypads, Bluetooth or biometric technology. Image Credit The first electronic locks were essentially a keypad and all you had to do was enter a numerical code of four or six […]

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    Choosing the right accountant

    So, you have made the decision to hire an accountant for your financial needs. Your next step is to find one that suits your needs and offers value for money. You’ll want to spend some time on this decision because there are some things to consider when making the right choice. Image credit Some considerations […]

  • Cutting back your inventory costs

    Inventory is an asset, but it is also a liability. Both raw materials and finished goods take up space, with the cost of the space they occupy often a critical overhead for businesses. Image Credit If you could run your business without inventory, you would save on rent, rates, security infrastructure, transportation, stock handling labour, […]

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  • Working with a Family Law Solitor

    When it comes to appointing a Family Law solicitor Gloucester based Dee and Griffin solicitors are able to help with a variety of family matters. It can feel . . .like an incredibly intimidating process. The very fact that you are having to seek the advice of one of these highly qualified individuals means that […]

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  • Electrical energy – what is it?

    Electricity is all around us and it’s a very important concept in science but is often misunderstood. Here is the definition of what electricity really is: It is a type of energy resulting from an electric charge flow. Energy can be defined as something capable of work or applying force onto an object to make […]

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  • Important things to know before a lab relocation

    Relocating a laboratory is a major endeavour, involving often hazardous substances and fragile, expensive apparatus. Before attempting such a move, here are some essential things to know: Regulations for transport There are many different regulations to consider depending on the type of materials being moved, where they are moving from and their end destination. As […]

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