• Healing contents How to separate the grain from the straw
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    Healing contents: How to separate the grain from the straw

    Every day, huge amounts of information are sent to the online medium, which is a volume that can not be assimilated by any of us. However, content is the foundation of any online marketing strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the information, classify it and extract the most important elements, with a double purpose: To be […]

  • The big brands suspend in customer service through the Social Media
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    The big brands suspend in customer service through the Social Media

    A new experiment goes back to show how even the big brands ignore the requests of their customers through social networks.  This experiment, carried out by Software Advice in collaboration with CIO, was intended to verify the efficiency, quality and speed of the customer service of the major brands of mass consumption. To this end, 14 […]

  • Five Essential Membership Management Features
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    Five Essential Membership Management Features

    When your organisation’s online membership reaches the point where its success depends on efficient 24/7 support, it’s time to look at more sophisticated membership software. Here are five reasons why good software is essential to maintain a thriving membership base. Image Credit Flexible Form Building The first point of contact a member will have with […]

  • AdBlock on iOS

    AdBlock on iOS – The Revenue Killer

    Advertising can be an essential source of revenue for webmasters, but it’s easy to understand why the majority of web users dislike ads. They can slow down page loading times, get in the way of the content you are interested in and, let’s face it, sometimes the tracking and the context of the ads can […]

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  • Business plan for an ecommerce

    Business plan for an ecommerce

    “If you approach launch an e-commerce business, regardless of the sector that interests you,   looking for a specialist with clearly identifiable products project, trying to make the product a brand or brands, and lead you in this way, kind of prime consumers to price the service.   There will interest the buyer opts for shops or other Internet offers and […]

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  • Understanding transformer cores

    Understanding transformer cores

    In a transformer, two electrical circuits are joined by a magnetic field linked to both. They are used to change electricity from one voltage to another: to step up voltage, to step down voltage and to keep the end user safe from electrical current. They may be used in electricity substations, loudspeaker systems and even […]

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  • Questions To know someone better

    21 Questions To know someone better

    In this article I will propose 21 questions to help you learn more about the personality and preferences of the person you want to learn more without falling into the typical What would you take to a desert island? O What is your favorite song? Also the you can apply to your normal social relationships […]

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