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    How to become even better in your contract manager role

    Contract management is a difficult thing to master. It is a time-consuming activity fraught with complications that are usually costly one way or another. Whether you are procuring services or goods or delivering the same to a client, the principles of contract management remain the same. Image Credit Training for contract management is rarely provided […]

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    Check Out These Valuable Landlord Apps

    In the age of the smartphone, there is an app for everything, so if you are a landlord you might find these top mobile programs useful when it comes to managing your property portfolio. Image Credit The Landlord App It may not have a funky name, but this app does exactly what it says on […]


10 IBM SaaS solutions

Everyday successful companies save time and costs using software as a service (SaaS). These platforms are driving the way it works within a company and allows you to collect information needed for decision-making. According to a survey by the IBM Information Applied Intelligence Center, most users agree that the use of these platforms results in […]

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