• Extreme Ping-Pong Anyone?
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    Extreme Ping-Pong Anyone?

    Chinese beer brand Tsingtao is sponsoring ping-pong tournaments for businesses – no members of the public allowed. The excuse is team-building and networking, but the real reason is to drink beer and get to see the rough side of ping-pong. Ping Pong Fight Club – Yes, Really! Image Credit Not for nothing are these evenings […]

  • Healing contents How to separate the grain from the straw
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    Healing contents: How to separate the grain from the straw

    Every day, huge amounts of information are sent to the online medium, which is a volume that can not be assimilated by any of us. However, content is the foundation of any online marketing strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the information, classify it and extract the most important elements, with a double purpose: To be […]

  • The big brands suspend in customer service through the Social Media
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    The big brands suspend in customer service through the Social Media

    A new experiment goes back to show how even the big brands ignore the requests of their customers through social networks.  This experiment, carried out by Software Advice in collaboration with CIO, was intended to verify the efficiency, quality and speed of the customer service of the major brands of mass consumption. To this end, 14 […]

Online marketing Development phases of a plan for an SME

Online marketing: Development phases of a plan for an SME

Currently, the prospection of new markets, communication, digital interaction with customers and potential customers, catalogs on the internet, have an online store, participate in social networks, disseminate videos of product or service presentation, e- Mail-marketing,?, Are essential tools for marketing and communication in competitive enterprise. Today we have more information than we can process; Just search […]

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  • Data tampering: five early signs

    Securing data is important for business, and with new legislation like GDPR coming into force soon, it’s something that must be taken seriously. It’s therefore vital that any activity which could signal attempts to steal or delete sensitive information is spotted and dealt with early. Image Credit Despite improvements in endpoint security in recent years, […]

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  • The best ways to use animation on your website

    Animation has a power, purpose and reach way beyond entertainment. The pressure to unveil a sleek, sophisticated site can be overwhelming, particularly as animation influences so much of what we see online. Here we take you beneath the surface to reveal basic design practices to help you bring your website to life. Image Credit Why? […]

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  • Exploring New Kinks As A Couple

    Exploring New Kinks As A Couple

    Ever since the release of best selling book 50 Shades of Grey women around the world have started to experiment and talk more about their intimate lives. While male exploits are usually welcomed with a pat on the back, females are often condemned for their sexual lives. What this book has done is bring to […]

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