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    Four ways to rent office space

    There can be various reasons for the decision to rent office space. Whether you need more space, aim to add credibility to your business or simply want to escape from the distractions of home, there are various options to consider. Image Credit Virtual office space According to BBC News, around 15 per cent of the […]

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    Different types of antenna and their properties

    Much of our communication these days relies on some form of wireless technology. Whether it’s radio, wireless data, TV transmissions or mobile phone signals, sending and receiving this information inevitably involves some kind of antenna in order for everything to work as it should. Image Credit But antennas come in a variety of shapes and […]

Open Data, innovation and entrepreneurship

McKinsey Global Institute published a few days ago the findings of its study on Open Data, with clearly enlightening results: the existence of open data can improve the provision of services, government transparency, and the possibilities of companies. Something that also can be measured in figures: an increase of $3 billion in the US alone […]

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