• The 10 steps to change your lives

    Each of us spends an average of 13 hours a week on email. This, added to a long list of tasks to accomplish, and hours and hours of unnecessary meetings and unexpected interruptions, creates a background noise that prevents productivity, inhibits creativity and contrasts between you and your day that you same dream of having. […]

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  • UK caterers

    UK caterers struggling with EU allergen laws

    It has now been a year since every catering business, from restaurants and hotels through to mobile caterers and even motorway service stations, have had to record, track, and communicate effectively to their potential customers which food allergens are present in their food. The 14 foods most likely to cause an allergic reaction include nuts, […]

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  • choose a partner

    How to choose a partner

    Deciding to start a business is a strategic decision that has deep personal connotations and family, not only because you are deciding to commit the time, but you must also commit financial resources that often inevitably affect the family economy. That said, in some cases, it may be necessary to consider the establishment of a company […]

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