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    What Will Data Security Look Like in Ten Years’ Time?

    Data security is defined as the protocols and measures that are used to prevent unauthorised access to confidential information. It is mostly concerned with digitally held data, e.g. data held on computers, websites, and databases. Image Credit Data security is a crucial aspect of IT management for all organisations, irrespective of size. According to research, […]

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    Taking a seat in your office

    You might think that there is not much to think about when choosing office chairs. Maybe the colour and whether or not it has armrests might be as far as you have pondered the issue. For a piece of furniture that workers will spend several hours every day sitting on, it’s important to get the […]

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    Five qualities of a good shop security guard

    Shop security is an issue to be taken seriously, from the physical measures to the practical means of ensuring your business does not suffer from the effects or deliberate damage such as using a Security Seal , like the ones you can see at https://acmeseals.co.uk on your high ticket products. There are a number of […]

UK caterers

UK caterers struggling with EU allergen laws

It has now been a year since every catering business, from restaurants and hotels through to mobile caterers and even motorway service stations, have had to record, track, and communicate effectively to their potential customers which food allergens are present in their food. The 14 foods most likely to cause an allergic reaction include nuts, […]

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