The benefits of using coloured envelopes

The benefits of using coloured envelopes

You might not think that an envelope can say much about your business, but you’d be surprised. An envelope can, in fact, serve a useful purpose in representing you and your business to the recipient. You would always dress smartly for a meeting with a client or a job interview, so you should think the same way about your business stationery.

The first thing a recipient sees when you send them a letter is the envelope your material is inside. Why not make a great first impression by choosing a coloured envelope? First impressions really do make all the difference.

Have you struggled to make headway with a particular client or potential lead? Then you need to make your envelope look too important to simply discard in the bin. Too often envelopes cry junk or sales with their outward appearance, meaning they most likely go in the bin without even being opened.

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To get that mail past the receptionist, you need it to stand out with a burst of colour. For a great range of Coloured Envelopes, visit

The simple use of a coloured envelope can make a sales approach far more effective. Companies spend a fortune on brochures, leaflets and carefully planned estimates, so don’t waste that money and effort by having it fall into the wrong hands and then into the bin.

Investing in top quality and sophisticated business stationery, your company will command respect and should ensure that your mail reaches its intended recipient.
You can also find quality coloured envelopes that are environmentally friendly and come in eco-friendly packaging. This also shows your company in a great light with potential clients, seeing that you care about sustainable practices.

Did you know that coloured envelopes can increase your success rates by up to 40% That’s a big figure and surely worth a try, right? How is this possible? It all boils down to basic human curiosity. A bright, stylish and colourful envelope is more intriguing and interesting than a boring, traditional business envelope.

Therefore, you can see how it certainly pays to think about how you present your important company literature. Remember that the outside appearance has to be just as good as the inside if you want to grab the right attention and open those doors!

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You might be concerned that coloured envelopes will cost too much. Investing in these, however, will actually save you money. A coloured envelope is 9 times more likely to opened, giving you an increased chance of making an impact and getting that sale. For just a fraction extra, you can do your best to ensure that your mail gets opened.

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