The best ways to use animation on your website

Animation has a power, purpose and reach way beyond entertainment. The pressure to unveil a sleek, sophisticated site can be overwhelming, particularly as animation influences so much of what we see online. Here we take you beneath the surface to reveal basic design practices to help you bring your website to life.

The best ways to use animation on your website

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Animation needs to have purpose, as savvy visitors know when animation is an aesthetic add-on without any substance. Consider the ‘why’ behind every piece of animation you use. This may sound tedious, but it isn’t; besides, anything is better than investing time and energy into creating something that is confusing and cluttered. A good place to start is giving your animation the purpose of helping your visitors to navigate your site; for example, thoughtful inclusions such as installing a kill switch so that your visitors can choose to stop a repetitive animation is great.

Animation time warp

Professional animators have a rule when editing: take the total running time and halve it – then halve it again. A good rule of thumb is to reduce your overall time by at least 25 per cent. Test your animations – sometimes it is as simple as tweaking a four-second fade out to one second. Business News Daily published some interesting data from research by the Missouri University of Science and Technology: visitors spend an average of 6.48 seconds looking at your logo and 5.59 seconds looking at your written content.

The best ways to use animation on your website2

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I spy with my little eye

Knowing when to use animation is the key to success. Animation optimises areas on which you want your visitor to focus and is the perfect partner for guided actions, such as showing new features, pages, notifications and next steps. Think of the opportunities to help your visitors and what this communicates about your business.

Animate the future

Internet users seek a multi-faceted online experience; in other words, entertaining your visitors with something pretty without purpose is no longer entertaining. A good idea is exploring what professionals in Leicester web design are doing, such as

Animation has earned its place at the web design table; it is no longer a superficial optional add-on. Keep it clean, simple, functional and fun, and you will be well on your way to bringing your website and your business to life.

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