Surprising things you can lease

Economically, times are tough for most people. Wages aren’t rising in line with inflation, so we need to make savings where we can. Did you know there are many things you can rent or lease instead of buying?

  1. Tools

Many people have expensive tool sets that simply sit in the garage and rot after being used for one project. Renting a specialist tool is a great idea for when you have a one-off or rare job to handle around the house or with the car.

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2. Camping Gear

A full set up of camping equipment can run into hundreds of pounds. Unless you’re a committed camper, you won’t want to spend that much on an activity if you’re never likely to repeat it. Using a tent once a year, and having it getting damp in a shed for the rest of time doesn’t make much sense economically. Look online for companies that hire out camping gear, especially if you’re new to the activity.

  1. Vehicles

Want to drive the latest models but can’t afford to buy outright? Car and Van Leasing Bristol is becoming increasingly popular as an option for accessing top end vehicles in a cost-effective manner. It is often cheaper than taking out a loan, has many benefits included in the package and you can change your vehicle every two years. For Van Leasing Bristol, contact Autolyne.

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  1. Pets

Maybe you want a pet but need to know if you’re allergic to fur? Some people might want to comfort an elderly relative but can’t keep a pet at home. There are specially trained ‘therapeutic’ dogs for example who live with pet carers and are available for short periods of time to act as companions.

What to Look for in a New Television

If you are having problems with your television and you have tried all sorts, from moving it and checking the wires, to calling out a professional like this TV aerial repair Bristol based company then you likely need a new television.

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Making the right choice when you are choosing a television can be hard – there are so many features on modern televisions, and having an understanding of the things that you want can help you to get the right model for you.

Size of course is the most obvious one, and this really is something that you need to base on where your television will go and the size of the room that it is going in. Bigger is definitely not always better, and you want to make sure that it fits into the room well without dominating it, and also that it is easy to see.

LCD is one of the most common types of television and it is a god choice if you are after a television that you can watch and that you don’t want any particularly special viewing features from. LCD televisions are available with a range of additional features and prices can vary.

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OLED and QLED are specialist and great for those who watch a lot of sport or use the television for gaming, as they are great for showing motion. They use independent bulbs that are in the back of the television as opposed to one large light. QLED is the Samsung version of OLED basically.

Adding value to your abode

To get the most from your property and move your way up the property ladder, here are some ideas for adding value to your home:

  1. Fix Structural Problems

Firstly, before attempting any cosmetic measures, ensure all structural issues are dealt with. Things that need attention include:

  • Any sagging or leaks in the roof
  • damp
  • cracks in the walls
  • any rotting in your roof timber
  • broken or missing roof tiles
  • sinking floor slabs
  1. Updating Wiring and Plumbing

This is disruptive, there’s no doubt about that and will involve lifting of floors and removing plaster etc so it’s really important to carry out this work before starting any cosmetic measures. If your home hasn’t been rewired for many years, you’ll add significant value by adding extra sockets, installing an extractor fan in the bathroom and updating any old lighting with something more contemporary.

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  1. Convert the loft

If you want to add value and space to your property, then a loft conversion is cheaper than building an extension. You will add significant value if you use the space to include an additional bedroom and bathroom. A few initial checks will need to be made before you can go ahead. There will need to be lots of headroom and your roof needs to consist of trusses or cut roof timbers. For advice from a Monmouth Architect, go to Hills & Company, a leading Monmouth Architect.

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  1. Kitchen Makeover

Many properties are sold on the standard of their kitchen, such is the importance of the room. Contemporary, stylish and clean is what people are looking for, as well as ample space and storage. You could decide to make structural changes and relocate the room or change its shape.

How to choose the right self storage unit

If you are moving home or carrying out renovation work, one option is to take advantage of the convenience of self storage. That extra storage space can allow you to continue on with home improvements, knowing your possessions are safe and secure. With short-term contracts and 24/7 security, your items are in good hands.

Think about what possessions you want to store in the unit

If you plan to use self storage, the first element to look at is which of your possessions require storage facilities. If you are looking to store books or general household bric-a-brac, you will want a smaller unit. However, if your possessions are bulky and consist of furniture or other valuables, you may want to rent a larger space.

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Consider what features are relevant to you

When selecting a self storage solution, look at the features that are important. Popular unit sizes vary from 25 sq ft to 75 sq ft. A 100 sq ft unit would store the contents of a two-bedroom house. The units are suitable for singles, couples and families on the move or renovating, or for business use.

Look at choosing a high-quality storage unit

A high-quality storage unit should be clean, dry, and suitable for your possessions. They should also have good technical specifications and the units should have 24/7 security and access for the owners of the goods. Trolleys and pallet trucks should be available for use, and the units should be individually alarmed. Fire alarm systems should also be in place to give customers peace of mind.

If you require self storage Swindon, for example, there are reputable firms such as that can provide for your needs. According to Inside Self Storage this is a sector that’s been excelling consistently on every level with rising demand.

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Check the unit for its security

When choosing a unit, look for wear and tear and possible signs of damage, including broken locks. Speak to the security team if you have any questions. Signing up for a unit is easy and all you need is identification and a utility bill.

What is land remediation and how does it work

Living on an island as we do, the pressures on the use of land can be extremely difficult to balance. There must be space for commercial projects, industrial projects, and park land and residential buildings. So much of our Island has been used for so many other things, the soil beneath us can be extremely difficult to use for any other purpose when it has been subjected to industrial sites. There are many companies that can take the soil from this contaminated land and clean it. One such example is the Land Remediation Company in the link.  In this way it can be used again.

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There are many factors that create contaminated land. Landfill, salt and grit from roads, industrial and agricultural use, plus there are even natural causes such as old volcanic materials and simple chemical spills and accidents. If these are not addressed then they can have a negative impact upon the human beings in the surrounding area and the environment for wildlife as a whole.

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Land remediation is a process of taking the soil through excavation and then subjecting the surrounding land and soil to certain chemical treatments which will clean the soil and prepare it for a more fertile existence. Once this is done the way is clear for new and more environmentally friendly projects to be undertaken by developers and builders alike. There are quite a few examples where land has been reclaimed through remediation to produce some exciting new  areas for people to populate.

What do kids love about play equipment?

If you are thinking about updating playground equipment, invest wisely and choose the type of equipment that children adore. Here are some of the factors that are important in play equipment:

Colour – Kids love bright, happy colours. Little children differentiate shapes by colour and older children associate colours with emotions, so choosing bright and vibrant colours is important for play equipment that kids will be drawn to. Different colours can stimulate the brain and spark the imagination, so choose vibrant, happy shades for your new equipment. For Playgrounds Cheltenham, visit Greenfields who supply equipment for Playgrounds Cheltenham.

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Playing togetherKids learn so much through playing together and equipment that encourages this socialisation is essential. Equipment that encourages imaginative play, overcoming obstacles and shared experiences all help to foster communication skills, learn social norms and read body language.

Water play – During finer weather, water play is a lot of fun for kids of all ages. It’s relaxing, refreshing and teaches concepts like floating/sinking and deep/shallow. Water play offers wonderful sensory experiences, develops hand-eye coordination, encourages social play and problem-solving skills.

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Challenges – The best play equipment challenges children of all ages. Younger children and older kids have differing needs so you’ll need a range of equipment that attracts and challenges both groups. Older children would benefit from a space where they can let off steam uninhibited and this should be separate from the young kids’ play space. This is essential in this digital age that older kids have an appropriate play space to get them away from their screens for a while.

Why companies need a contract packing service.

If a business wishes to succeed it will always need to trade with another successful business.  this isn’t you when your business requires items to be packed securely and solidly for resale or shipping to customers.  It’s why the help of a Contract Packing Services provided like becomes vital to the continued success of your business.  Why should you consider using a contract packing company?  The answer is you should certainly consider the idea before it becomes too late.

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A contract packing company can help to save you money by reducing your costs.  Keeping these costs outsourced can provide you with a great way of helping to protect your revenue stream.  You can also save yourself a sizable amount of money as you will not need to invest in machines that can depreciate quickly.  Nor do you have to be concerned about employing new staff and then the need to provide pensions and national insurance to them.

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Most large firms will be able to provide you with a flexible set of options rather than a rigid pay now system.  Most of them are able to accept large and small orders so that they can keep up with demand.  You can also be sure that you’re getting guaranteed quality from a local provider and that you are staying on the correct side of any regulatory compliance as the product will be quality controlled and  checked before it is allowed to leave the building.

Such a company as this can help save you time and stress allowing you to focus on what’s important and building your business and profits.

What is a hydraulic system?

While some form of hydraulic system has been in use from early history, it wasn’t until the mid-sixteenth century that the formula was fully understood. Even then, up until the invention of the pump in the nineteenth century, hydraulics had to rely on gravity or a system of weights in order to work. With the invention and development of the pump, the use of hydraulics really took off and it is one of the drivers of our modern industrial age. Some of the heaviest machinery today is powered by hydraulics, with examples including lifts, the control surfaces and landing gear on aircraft, and much more besides. Continue reading What is a hydraulic system?

Why are security seals so important in logistics?

Security seals are an essential consideration in the logistics industry, as they help to ensure the safety, security and integrity of goods during transport. Security seals provide a physical barrier to tampering and theft, and can be used to detect any unauthorised access to cargo, whether that’s a shipping container or physical goods. Continue reading Why are security seals so important in logistics?