Apple continues to dominate the mobile advertising market with the highest CPMs

Opera Software has just released its Q3 State of Mobile Advertising report, which looks at mobile advertising around the world. The report confirms that the Apple iOS platform continues to be the most effective in eCPM (effective Cost per thousand) with $ 1.6 per print, iPad with $ 4.42 eCPM and iPhone with $ 1.48 eCPM respectively.

Apple continues to dominate the mobile advertising market with the highest CPMsAndroid, with $ 0.88 is placed under RIM, the maker of Balckberry, with $ 1.06.

Opera noticed that fun and simple mobile ads got the most interaction and user retention, and that the new ads have achieved higher CPM percentages by 5% or more, as well as higher revenues. As an example of this type of announcement, the company mentioned a European Fiat 500 campaign that allowed the user to change the color of the story with just a finger.

Sports has been the leading income category (16%), and when combined with the Music, Video & Media category, together they have reached 30% of total revenue. Finance, Business and Property Investment remain the category with the highest percentage of revenue per impression than any other. With only 1% of the impressions reaches 10% of the income.

The applications play a very important role in the generation of mobile advertising, reaching 73% of the revenue of the advertising platform of Opera, and the other 27 corresponding to the mobile web. 8 out of 10 visits to the Opera ad platform comes from mobile apps.

By regions, North America (USA and Canada) continues to represent the main market, with 70% of all interactions.

Opera’s advertising platform serves more than 10,000 mobile websites and applications worldwide, with a volume of impressions per month of more than 40 billion, and the company expects this year to contribute about 400 million dollars to the publishers where your ads can be viewed.

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