New Iphone likely to be announced next month

There could also be an introduction to Apple TV and a new Ipad Pro.

The phone itself will be released a week and a half after the event.

Buzzfeed believes the event will take place on Wednesday the 9th of September however other sources suggest it may take place on Tuesday the 8th of September instead.

There is a habit of having launching a new iPhone early in September and make the Friday of the next week the release date. Guessing the release date this year based on previous years would suggest it will be released on September the 18th.

The main new feature of the new iPhone is that of the new pressure sensing system but is expected to have other features as it reaches the part of the cycle ā€œsā€.

There has been a slight delay in production of the phones but not severe enough to delay the phones going on sale. The also imminent arrival of Apple TV is a delayed one as it was originally expected to be released in June but it is still unclear exactly when the new Netflix rival will be released.

The company will likely show people the new Ipad but in a separate event to the new iPhone.


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