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The Skills That are Required to Work in Care

A care home is a place where employees need to be well trained in a number of things, as well as having the right skills to enable them to do the job well. Caring for people in a care home, whether they are elderly or have specialist needs that mean they are not able to live at home and need round the clock care and supervision is a job that comes with a lot of variety and no two days are the same. Continue reading The Skills That are Required to Work in Care

How to Decide What Features You Need on a Laptop

If you’ve decided you need a laptop, for work, school or even for gaming, you’ll want to know what to look for. There are a few basic features you should look for when buying a laptop. Some people may be satisfied with a simple device, while others might need a high-end machine with multiple features. The form factor of a laptop is another factor to consider. Some people prefer a basic model that does not convert into a tablet and others may want an ultra-thin, powerful machine with gaming features. Continue reading How to Decide What Features You Need on a Laptop

Keeping Healthy in the Winter

It is important to stay healthy as we head into winter, but what exactly does this entail? Here are three important ways to stay healthy throughout the winter months…

Plenty of Exercise

Exercise is still important throughout the winter months, although most people are less keen to go outside, there are plenty of things that you can do to keep your body healthy and keep moving. Swimming is a great one, there is likely to be an indoor swimming pool near to you and this is an exercise that is great as it exercises so many muscles. It is also a good exercise for those who have joint problems as it won’t put too much pressure on the joints.

Yoga is another exercise that incorporates a healthy body with a healthy mind. In the winter, it is good to keep your mental health strong as well as your physical health and this helps you to learn breathing exercises that incorporate the two.

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Hobbies and Interests

Having things to do that are fulfilling are good all year around, but in the winter, we spend more time indoors so think of hobbies that you can learn to focus on throughout the winter months. Knitting is a great hobby that many more people have begun to enjoy over recent years. You can create all sorts of practical items too once you have become good at it, and crochet blanket kits like these are a good way to get all the things that you need in order to get started.

Other indoor hobbies include card making (handy for Christmas!) and also baking, another hobby that you can enjoy over the festive season.


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A Healthy Diet

Eating healthily is essential throughout the winter as so many bugs come out and do the rounds. Eating seasonal produce such as root vegetables and fresh fruit will help to give your body all of the vitamins that it needs to be able to tackle the winter illnesses that do the rounds. It is also a good idea to take a supplement like vitamin D at this time of the year as our bodies usually get this from the sun, which is in short supply over the winter months!

Three Dangers and How to Reduce them at Christmas

As we start to countdown to Christmas, something that many of us forget is that this is a time when we need to be aware of the risks that accompany the festive season. Although it is a time to have fun, being aware of the things that can cause problems at this time of the year is a good idea if you want to enjoy the time of the year. Here are some of them… Continue reading Three Dangers and How to Reduce them at Christmas

Why is a PR Company Such an Important Part of the Success of a Small Business?

If you have just started your own small business it can be difficult and stressful. With the difficult economic climate at the moment this makes it even harder for small businesses to get ahead. As a small business it is even more important at the moment to make the most of all the things that can help your company to not only survive but to thrive even in periods that are more difficult financially.

Something that helps many small businesses is PR. A professional PR company, like this Cheltenham PR company is a hugely important part of the growth and success of a small business. A PR company knows all of the ways to get the word out about your business and create a positive feeling and awareness of your business and what it does.

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PR companies do this in many ways – it might be helping to create awareness of your business online, for example by using social media. Or they will speak to journalists who can mention your business in things like lists of local businesses or with things like radio interviews.

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A PR company will also be able to focus on the unique positive things about your business. For example, it may be that you are proudly environmentally friendly, provide products that are renowned for being high quality, or offer the best value for money. Whatever it is, a PR company can help to draw that to people’s attention so that they can connect with you, ultimately growing your customer base and therefore growing your company.

A PR company is a great choice for a smaller business as they will not only have the experience that is needed to help your business grow to that next level, but also an in-depth knowledge of the business world. They will also have local contacts and have the knowledge of who to go to in order to generate publicity for your business. A PR company will be able to design a tailor-made campaign that is unique to you, and get to know you and help you as your business grows, and things change.

How to Make Your Exhibition Stand More Exciting

You can make your exhibition stand more exciting by using a range of accessories to enhance its character. These can be inexpensive and add a unique twist to your stand design. Retractable banner stands are also a cheap option that will enhance the look of your exhibition stand. You can also make use of lighting and feature pieces of decor to draw attention to your business. For details on Exhibitions stand hire, visit a site such as Colour Studios who supply Exhibitions stand hire

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Technology is now prevalent everywhere, so why not use it to enhance your exhibition stand? Adding some technology can make a big difference, and even simple additions like HD screens can have a huge impact. For example, you can install a video wall to show marketing material for your product. Humans are highly visual so be sure to focus on attention grabbing visuals.

Another idea to create excitement is to use virtual reality experiences. These will help create a buzz in your stand and engage your visitors. Other fun ideas include games and competitions. Make sure that your stand flows well so that visitors do not get blocked or lost. Keeping the meeting areas towards the back of your stand will also help you to retain visitors’ attention.

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Trade show attendees are looking for entertainment, so try to attract them with fun features. Games are a great way to draw more attention to your stand and attract more visitors. You can even offer free samples for visitors.

Gloucester City, why it’s a great place to live.

Living in the city of Gloucester has many blessings, the magnificent Cathedral for a start, let alone a thriving retail, shopping outlet at the Quays, as well as the town centre shops of course and all the wonderful cafe’s, bars and restaurants. From elite, boutique shopping in Quba & Co, Blue Inc and Inti, to cheap and cheerful at Primark. Buy beautiful bridal designs from By Design, Vivienne Stella and Taffeta & Lace or purchase sportswear at Sports Direct and the Adidas Outlet Store, plus there are several boutique and individual businesses, so it’s easy to find whatever it is you want to buy.  Plus, a great selection of all the major supermarkets, including, Tesco’s, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Lidl and the Co-Op, Gloucester City really does have everything.

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Digital Marketing is proving to be an area of great growth and many successful SEO companies have chosen Gloucester City as their headquarters. Smart, forward thinking businesses like who provide professional Drain Lining Gloucester have used Digital Marketing to get themselves noticed on the Google search engine site. Thanks to their innovative thinking, professional work ethics and great customer service their company is attracting plenty of new customers and they are thriving.  Gloucester City has some outstanding Ofsted rated schools including, The King’s School, Crypt, Denmark Road, Sir Thomas Riches, and Barnwood Park.  Your children will excel studying at any of these prestigious schools and could well then go onto college or University.

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We can’t talk about all the great places to shop, eat and visit in Gloucester City without saying more about the Cathedral.  This stunning, Romanesque & Gothic style building began life back in the year 1089 and was only completed in 1499!  The Cathedral clock that was installed in 1898 was made by Dent and Co, the same company who built Big Ben’s clock. Two of the Bells situated in the tower date back to 1420, the largest bell weighing in at just under three tons is named Great Peter and rings faithfully on the hour and just before a main service. This historical and beautiful building has been used several times as film set locations, including some of The Harry Potter movies, a couple of Doctor Who episodes and a Sherlock Holmes special.


Why a Website is so Important for your Business

In days gone by, a shop window, or a newspaper advert would be two ways that you got the attention of potential customers and enticed them to look at your business. However, nowadays the main way that people look for the products and services that they want has changed, and the internet is the main source for everything when it comes to searching for what we want.

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This is why, if you run a business, one of the most important things to have is a website. Getting a professional like this web design Cheltenham based company to create your site for you is a much better way of doing this than attempting to create it yourself. It not only saves you the time of trying to do it yourself, it will also be better as professional web developers know what is required from a website.

Something that is also a big part of the site is the fact that it can be found on a Google search. After all, what is the point of the website if nobody can see it? Search engine optimisation helps to drive traffic to your site and get it seen. For example, if you are a builder in Peterborough, you want someone to type in builders Peterborough when looking for a builder and to find you! This is what search engine optimisation does, and a professional web developer will be able to build you a website that works with this and gives you a boost.

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The site itself also needs to be something that people can use easily. Making sure that the site is easy for people to navigate, as well as being able to get the information that they want is important. If people are not able to easily get the information that they want, they are likely to move on quickly and then you have lost an opportunity.

Make your website engaging and people are likely to want to spend more time browsing it. An engaging website will be able to help you gain new customers, and this then builds you a better reputation, helping your business to grow in the future.

Equity release: the pros and cons

Releasing money from your property can seem like the ideal solution as you get older and find yourself wanting extra income. It has proven particularly popular with retirees over the past few years with pensions declining in value in real terms. This is a major decision and one that should never be taken lightly, however, and this article aims to look at some of the pros and cons.

What is it?

Equity release involves selecting a product which enables you to release some funds from the value of your property. The equity is the amount left when you take away any mortgage still owed from your property’s market value. In simple terms, it is how much you would end up with if you sold up for cash.

You may be eligible to release a large proportion of this money if you have little or no mortgage left. One of the major benefits of this is releasing a large sum to spend whilst enabling you to still live in your property.

Different types

There are different ways to release equity. The two most popular methods are through a lifetime mortgage or home reversion. The former is the most commonly chosen method and means that you take out a mortgage that will be repaid when your home is sold, either because you move into a care facility or you die.

The ‘pro’ of this is that you can normally borrow between 18 per cent and half of your property’s overall value. In general, the amount goes up the older you are.

It must be remembered, however, that the amount you will owe will go up as interest is added, although you can sometimes pay off the interest to prevent it compounding. This is particularly important if you wish to leave some capital in the form of an inheritance.

The majority of equity release providers will not offer you a guarantee of no negative equity but you may still end up with nothing left of your property’s value after the mortgage is paid off.

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With home reversion, your whole property or part of it is sold but you have the right to live there until you are no longer able to. The downside of this is that you will not get the full market value of your property and you may not be eligible unless you’re over 60.

Benefits and downsides

The major benefit is clearly the fact that you can release funds that would otherwise be tied up in your property without you having to move. The primary downside, however, is that you will not get the true market value for the property. This means you may not realise the full value of your investment and you will reduce any amount going to beneficiaries. If you’re in any doubt at all about any deals you are offered, make sure you get professional advice from a specialist such as Parachute Law.

Particular types of release schemes also have specific pitfalls. For example, with a lifetime mortgage, you could end up using up the whole value of your home to repay the loan as you end up paying interest on interest throughout the loan period. The practical effect of this is that if you were paying interest of around five percent and never paid any off, you would see your loan double every 15 years.

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If you are worried about repaying any loan, help is available from organisations such as Citizens Advice

Is releasing equity a good idea?

The answer is very much a personal one and depends on your individual needs and circumstances.

The changes to Gloucester’s Kings Square

Space and how it is used is an essential part of human existence. Our town and city centres have been places that have been used for so many things, including celebration, commemoration, mourning, commerce, social protest and just a place to socialise and meet friends in. One of these is Gloucester’s Kings square. It’s been the site of many different changes down through the centuries. Gloucester has been a place that has seen people live within its boundaries since the Iron Age. It’s still a place where people come to live. You just have to look at Gloucestershire Park Homes to see a modern example. is where you can go to see the new and contemporary Gloucester.

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Kings square is in the centre of the City. The site’s history can be traced back many hundreds of years. It was initially the site of the Forum when the city was known as Glevum. This was a significant part of the Roman Empires’ presence in Britain. Glevum began life as a Fort to protect the area from parts of Wales and to support Corinium, now modern Cirencester, up the road. However, it became a Colonia when Wales was subdued and put under the Roman yoke. In other words, it was a place where legionnaires could retire with a pension, land and a townhouse. This influx of money and influence was further enhanced by the trade that came to the city from the Severn Sea, as the Bristol Channel was known back then. This money meant that the residents of Glevum could afford to add additions to the town. Large walls and gatehouses were added to the city and reinforced it. This wasn’t greatly needed but was created more to show off. The most impressive addition was a Forum. This was where the decisions of the city and local area were made and debated.

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As Kings square developed through the centuries, it remained a place where people would meet. It was a medieval market place then a Bus station. With the coming of the car it became a car park for the city centre shops and then an open meeting place with decorative fountains. It has just undergone another transformation to become a meeting place and focal point, just as it has always been.