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9 YouTube channels required to be current on digital marketing

Increasingly, users are accustomed to doing more research about digital marketing on youtube. It is for this reason that youtube channels oriented digital marketing is increasingly necessary. There are certain content (software installations or tutorials for google analytics for example), the video provides a differential value.

The C generation needs more video content. The audiovisual content generated more engagement. It is more expensive to make but the effort is worth it, just need to get some statistics on key future:

  • 2017 3 billion video minutes will be generated on the internet.
  • 2017 will be the first year that video will be the first source of online traffic.

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In what cases it is advisable to make a display campaign?

The displays or advertising banners seems that eventually is suffering some wear. In the 90 was the main strategy for an advertiser on the internet but as expected, have emerged new sophisticated tools that have shifted the display: Google AdWords, Facebook ads….

The main brakes are a display campaign:

  • We must make an attractive design and is an added expense entry.
  • The CTR (% impressions / clicks%) tend to be lower than a text ad on google adwords.
  • No longer a “push” marketing action the user is not looking for that product at that time.

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The theory of black swans applied to internet, preventing effect

From time to time I like to do a very curious exercise: grab some relevant theories of gurus, authors and marketers made famous a few years ago, before the internet almost all new theories, and transfer to a current scenario.

Why do I do this? Two options:

– I’m a nerd and I get bored a lot.

– I find that some of these theories can be applied to internet and learn with it (I prefer the second). Continue reading The theory of black swans applied to internet, preventing effect

4 profiles for perfect marketing campaign

Today marketing campaigns need different and complementary skills. Therefore, in many cases be translated to, different people or digital profiles are going to have to permeate to perfection this point is central to:

  1. The consistency of the whole campaign, that all the efforts go in the same line of communication with the potential customer.
  2. Avoid coordination problems in the team.
  3. Meet the “timings” and marked goals in the campaign.

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3 specialties within digital marketing with great professional future

It is well know to ascertain where trends are now in pay online. Of course this list is not static, and less in a field such as digital marketing.

Anticipate the future with good reason, to specialize before most and bet heavily on it can be very profitable to do it correctly and effectively. What will not change are thetwo facets that have to have a good marketer today:

– Artistic: very present to communicate persuasively within social media marketing strategies or inbound.

– Analytics: more numerical part. Reports of google analytics, social media reportings, CRM … Continue reading 3 specialties within digital marketing with great professional future

Evolution Marketing: The 4 levers to attract customers

Nothing escapes the evolution internet is making strides, consumers clamor for constant innovations to satisfy their needs and the marketing world is adapting to a reality in permanent change, yes, and the goal remains the same: to bring companies and brands to their final customer. This entire paradigm leads to:

– The user is ultra informed, are mostly rich (there is access to many free services) and it is increasingly difficult to surprise them.

– Companies cannot afford not to be at all times learning about new marketing techniques. When there is a methodology that works, the next week will surely have to make improvements. Continue reading Evolution Marketing: The 4 levers to attract customers

Going Green — How the Car Market Is Changing

We’re constantly being told that we need to go green in order to save the planet. We recycle and try to cut our domestic energy consumption, and the desire to go green is spreading to the cars we drive too.

Not Just Electric

Of course, many people think that to be green a car must be electric. Whilst there are increasing numbers of all-electric cars, such as the Nissan Leaf, on our roads, there are other eco-friendly alternatives.

Hybrids, for example, were thought of as a bit weird when the first models came out, but they’re now a mainstream choice with models available from many of the major manufacturers, and they’re becoming more affordable, according to Telegraph.

There are increasing numbers of plug-in hybrids available too that allow you to charge the car’s battery from your domestic power supply. You still have the reassurance of a petrol engine to provide extra power for longer journeys, so you won’t suffer from the range anxiety of a purely electric car.

Cleaner Technology

If you’re thinking, “when I sell my car I must get a hybrid,” however, then you haven’t looked at how the rest of the market has changed. The latest conventional petrol and diesel cars are cleaner than ever too.  Why not give the car a spruce?  Cambridge Powder Coating Alloy wheels company or others could give your clean car a great look and feel.

The top five green superminis include only one hybrid. The rest of the list is made up of conventional cars that are designed to provide maximum economy and minimum emissions. Many of the latest generation of cars will exempt you from road tax and the London congestion charge.

Going Green

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Switching to Gas

If you’re not ready to change your car but still want to cut your fuel bills, you might want to consider an LPG conversion. This isn’t cheap, as it will cost you between £1,500 and £2,000, but it can save you as much as 40 per cent on your fuel bills.

LPG-powered vehicles produce 20 per cent less CO2 as well, and produce fewer particulates than diesel, so if you’re a high-mileage driver the cost of a conversion may be well worthwhile.

There are some downsides. You’ll have to sacrifice some boot space to accommodate the extra fuel tank, for example. Also, LPG isn’t sold at all filling stations, so you’ll need to check availability. You can still use petrol as a backup, though. Check with your insurer too, as some will charge more due to the car being converted.

If you have a diesel car that isn’t suitable for LPG, there’s another alternative in the form of biofuel. This is made from plant material and recovered oils and fats and offers a cleaner option. Indeed, much regular diesel now contains a mix of up to five per cent biofuel.

Going green in your motoring life isn’t as difficult as it was a few years ago. And as you’ll have seen from the above, there are plenty of options to consider, whether you’re changing your car or sticking with your old one.

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Personal Productivity: The key 4 areas to achieve your goals

You can now be a new year, because you changed jobs or because you’re going to start a new business. The fact is that at some point in your life, a new horizon with real opportunities that want to take advantage and take a step forward in your career will open.

Unfortunately, often fails to reach the achievement of goals scored and that can lead to frustration and can even affect all areas of your life. The work and personal life often go hand in hand and are like two communicating vessels that they feed back with each other.

In this post I will put the focus on four key areas that can promote and revolutionize your methods to achieve all those that you had proposed. Continue reading Personal Productivity: The key 4 areas to achieve your goals