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Look out for These Jolly Signs that Spring is Here

Spring is in the air and it is a lovely time now to go for a walk. Walking in amongst nature is great for both your physical wellbeing and your mental wellbeing and at this time of the year, nature starts to show us all the hope that many people are so desperately looking for at the moment.

If you are out walking in the Spring, there are lots of signs you can see of the earth waking up – remember to wrap up warm on your walk, shop Aran sweaters so that you stay cosy as the spring days can often still have a little chill in the air…

Daffodils – These beautiful bright and jolly flowers are synonymous with Springtime and herald the start of sunny and warm days to come. There are lots of great places you can go to in the UK to see this springtime spectacle!

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Hazel Trees – These are the earliest trees to start to emerge and you will notice the catkins hanging from the branches from late February. These then get blown off by the wild March winds where they can be distributed all around.

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Bees – The industrious bees start to become active as the air warms up – the first to emerge are the queens, eagerly hunting for a place to start a new colony after a winter tucked away in the warm. You may see them around now buzzing around the countryside!