1 out of 3 online consumers conduct product research through their mobile

About one in three online consumers in the US has done at least one of the many pre-purchase research activities through their phones in the last three months, according to the latest PowerReviews report.

The data indicates that 33% of online consumers have searched for products or special offers and looked for store information such as schedules, location and maps through mobile devices in the last three months.

Other important mobile research activities include checking qualifications and product reviews (32%), searching for competitive prices on Amazon.com (31%) and browsing an online store looking for a product of interest (31%). Another 29% of online consumers have compared prices on products from stores that were not Amazon.

Regarding the behavior of consumers in mobile stores, the study reveals that 38% have had access to promotional coupons to change in the store, another 36% check the prices both in Amazon and in other sellers of the same store.

Check product ratings and reviews, scan bar codes to compare prices with retailers and search a retailer’s site to find other products, they have a 35% participation level. 33% of online consumers looked at prices on a retailer’s website and scanned bar codes to obtain product-specific information.

QR codes seem to be quite popular and 31% of online consumers scan codes to compare prices between retailers and in other cases, to learn more about a specific product.

Two thirds of the owners of Smartphones or Tablets have used their devices to make purchases and more than 80% have used them to assist in the purchase decision, according to a LEK survey.

He also found that 39% of them actually make purchases with their devices in hand at least once a month (excluding music and video downloads) and 60% use them every month to conduct the investigation of a purchase. LEK divides these two groups into “active mobile consumers” and “window consumers”.

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