2011 was the year that the internet catalyzed the appearance of new business models

2011 will go down in history as the year of development of new business formulas on the Internet, the constant growth of electronic commerce and the need for revision and innovation of the models adopted by online companies. The network has been a definitive alternative for the development and planning of companies.

The evolution has been meteoric: from the simple request of information through email to the possibilities of making an online order, pay from home or compare products in the other ends of the world. All in just a few years. “The USA and Japan are usually pioneers in these issues, their success models also work in Europe, only with a little delay,” they say in CiudadMarket, a social shopping portal.

The increasingly accelerated trends in the creation of portals and businesses that have arisen on the Internet have meant that medium and long-term forecasts have lost value. “There are projects that emerge with strength but in three months they have come down and projects that grow little by little and reach maturity in 24 months.”

What began as simple processes of information and purchase, have become social and group purchases in which the user finds more and more diversity and possibilities. The businesses that join the internet can not conceive their digital presence without integrating dynamic communication channels to give voice to consumers. From these new channels of interaction with customers have detected changes in consumer habits and hence the numerous platforms of discount coupons, last minute offers or portals specialized in electronic commerce have emerged.

The growth of e-commerce has been stimulated by several factors ‘The increase in supply, security, the confidence of users and their need to find more competitive products has been some of the elements that have helped.’ The year that has gone by has meant the true take-off of electronic commerce and the settlement of the commitment to new technologies for large companies and it is expected that next year will be for SMEs. ‘There is still a lot to do between small and medium-sized businessmen, we have to make the processes even easier and make an effort to show them the opportunities offered by the internet’, say the heads of the social shopping network.

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