51% of users distrust a brand that is not on social networks

It is hard to believe that there are still companies that are not in social networks, the first ones surprised are the users themselves, 63% of them turn to social platforms to look for information about their brands and you may wonder why this company does not appear?

Girl shows what is purchasedHow businesses lose customers by not having a strategy in Social Media

Ignoring social networks today can bring consequences for companies, in terms of online reputation, which directly affects their business. 89% of users follow at least one brand in Social Media. Facebook is the social network preferred by users, followed by Twitter and LinkedIn, with very little distance between the latter two.

The average age of users of social channels is between 35 and 55 years old, who have experienced a spectacular growth in the use of Social Media, set at 86%, according to data collected by Kiss, the British agency of public relations.
Both men and women actively participate in the online medium, leaving their comments and proposals on the brands. Here the distribution is equitable, 55% in both cases, recognizes expressing their opinions and their experiences of buying in their social networks.
The influence of Facebook and colleagues is evident when making a purchase decision. 43% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 25 acknowledge having bought something following the recommendations they have received through Social Media.

Social network users move through mobile devices

Mobile is the main way to access social networks, collecting 54% of traffic. It is interesting to check the penetration of the Ipad among users; 35% of respondents turn to tablets to update their social profiles. Users definitely like to have their social networks at your fingertips.

Only 60% of companies have a strategy in Social Media

There is still a high percentage of companies to enter the 2.0 world and open an effective channel of communication with its target audience. They must be aware that it is a necessity that their users demand, so they have to take the step, the sooner, the better.
Of the companies that have already taken this step, 30% acknowledge that they have problems measuring the return on investment. It is still a milestone in the development stage, which is evolving day by day and discovering new advances.

Companies that do not yet have a presence in social networks can not ignore their customers any longer, are turning their backs on them and this can have serious consequences in the short term. Users will not wait forever for these to take the step and choose to ignore them forever. Do you already have an effective online strategy, or do you ignore your clients in Social Media?

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