63% of online players via mobile are women

Games are already a mode of intrusion, a place for evasion of the real world; but have taken on a new face, becoming a new way of socializing. Interestingly no longer are considered a territory of men, but now it is women who have taken the lead, those who reign in this new playful social environment. According to the research carried out by EEDAR, 63% of online players through the mobile are women. The survey was conducted with 2500 active users of mobile games, ranging from 15 to 63 years old.

63% of online players via mobile are womenWomen love the games where they have room for many participants, as well as the new social dimension that they have adopted.The new social games, which are practiced mainly through smartphones, do not resemble video games, whose experience is enjoyed through the screen of the pc or in front of the television, through the console. Now they are more an evolution of traditional table games, a way to share moments of leisure with family or friends, in short with your nearest environment, but through social networks, and from anywhere, thanks to the mobile devices. Such is the success of games like Apalabrados, which in two months surpassed two million downloads, a game that has adopted the dynamics of the popular Scrabble, based on the combination of letters, in order to get points creating the words of greater length possible.

The development of new technologies, the implementation of smartphones has made it more accessible to everyone in the world of video games, as well as its use anytime, anywhere. This easy access has aroused the interest of the female audience, who in addition has been irresistibly attracted by the social applications of leisure. Now in the palm of the hand have their contacts, the possibility to interact with them, and even to share moments of leisure and fun.

Social games have come to reinforce the experience of relationship with the user, the eagerness of individuals to share, to socially relate.This trend is also being taken by brands; specifically 45.3% use gamification in their communication actions. In this way a playful component is added to the message of the company, favoring a positive attitude towards the brand, a greater interaction with the users. This is an effective marketing strategy increasingly widespread.

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