95% of customers share their bad experiences with brands

It is inevitable, customers talk about their experiences with brands. A fact that has still been accentuated by the proliferation of social networks, which bring a new dimension to what could be left in a simple commentary in committee. According to Dimensional Research, 95% of customers share their bad experiences with brands.

On the other hand, consumers actively demand information about products that interest them, which favors the fact that these negative opinions have their own public, an interested audience that takes them especially into account when making their final decision.

95% of customers share their bad experiences with brandsThe survey was conducted by Dimensional Research, based on the Zendesk database, on a sample of more than 1,000 consumers in the United States, who acknowledged having sued customer service from a company during the past year.

Not all bad news, those companies that do well have a reward from customers. 87% indicate that they share their positive experiences with their contacts. This is another sign that the users are active in social networks, where they reflect facts of their day to day; Both positive and negative. It is not about going against the mark, but about expressing what it has brought you; So, for the sake of the brand, better be good.

The study highlights that:

  • 45% of respondents indicated that they are going to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks to convey their discomfort. For its part, 30% turn to social media to publicly raise their complaint.
  • This activity has increased over the years. Fifty-eight percent of respondents recognize that they are now more likely to talk to others about their experiences than they were five years ago.
  • Consumers have historical memory. The consequences of bad action by a brand remain present in the consumer’s mind over the years. Approximately 40% of respondents continue to avoid buying the products or services of a brand with which they had a negative experience, even after more than 2 years. This is particularly evident in the case of households with higher incomes, where the percentage rises to 79%.

How you can avoid a bad experience

Respondents highlighted the agility of response as the main condition to offer a good customer service (69%); Followed by a correct and friendly treatment by the company’s staff (65%).

It emphasizes the fact that the solution of the problem is not as important as the attention received. Only 47% of the respondents demand a satisfactory result to their request as an indispensable way to have a good experience with the brand.

In short, customers want and deserve to be heard. One aspect that brands have to take into account, especially in the 2.0 era; Which has provided them with voice and vote. An empowerment that can cause serious consequences to those brands that do not take into account their needs.

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