Anyone there? The importance of the answer in Social Media

Although it seems unthinkable, today companies still do not use social networks as a channel of direct communication with customers. It is hard to believe that only a small percentage of the messages sent by users are taken care of, and the cases in which an immediate response is given are still more atypical. Incredible but true, according to a study made in the USA To evaluate the response time on Twitter of the major brands of clothing, only 13 percent of complaints get a response (sometimes it took up to 50 hours). 

The curious fact is that only 9 percent were negative comments. They are wasting authentic golden opportunities to reach users, to practice the long-awaited engagement; they have put the possibility on the table and do not know how to take advantage of it. This shows that users use social networks to contact companies, but they continue to use them as unidirectional channels, where they can unilaterally publish their messages and self-promote. They are not aware of the great weight they exert or of their influence when creating a brand image.

“Social media teleoperator”

Includes in the customer service department the figure of the “socialmedia telemarketer” that person or work team (depending on the volume of requests) that addresses the issues that customers raise online. Imagine for a moment that you enable a consumer service number, someone calls, and the teleoperator picks up the call, welcomes the caller but does not speak again; The client asks his question but never gets an answer. What opinion would the client form? It is absurd to think that this situation can occur, but it is what happens in social media, what are you waiting for to act? It has trained and qualified personnel for the position, according to previously established guidelines for action.

Be social, my friend

Assume it, communication 2.0 exists, it is already affecting your immediate environment. Whether you want it or not your brand is already exposed, users talk about it. It’s up to you to get in the car and take an active part in the conversation or turn your back and grapple with the circumstances. Overcomes that barrier that divides the brand of consumers and interacts with users. Talk to you with them, they will feel listened to, cared for, in short, taken care of. Listen carefully and communicate regularly. Humanize the brand and you will create a link with your community that can hardly be broken; something impossible to achieve with traditional communication channels.

A timely response is a victory

Do not be afraid of negative comments, they have not eaten anyone yet. Hiding your head under the ground will only serve to aggravate the problem. Accept complaints as opportunities to improve; In most cases the client only wants to be heard, in a way he complains to get your attention. You have the possibility of winning the client, do not hesitate and act. Offer a clear, direct and decisive answer. Do not digress, do not make excuses, and under no circumstances, never resort to lies.

Do you have a policy of active action in social networks in your company? What is your relationship with customers?

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