Being in social networks is an act that requires a lot of predisposition and willingness to serve

Many brands are wondering if you really need to be on social networks. They still wonder what it’s good for their brand is on Facebook, or Twitter. They even get to complain that “that” is not what they expected, that they have not yet seen benefits. Even Coca Cola went so far as to say that he did not get the Social Media accounts. This can lead us to ask ourselves an important question. Does our business really proliferate without presence or depend on social networks?

Being in social networks is an act that requires a lot of predisposition and willingness to serveMany companies talk about ROI when referring to social networks. However, the biggest and main benefit lies in the possibilities they offer us to know and be very close to our customers. There is no other way that facilitates a treatment so direct and personal; That allows you to know them, know your day to day; In short, be part of your life and share experiences. This reverts positively in trust, engagement and fidelity.

It’s not about being on Facebook, or opening a Twitter account “to see what happens”. Before opening any social profile, it is necessary to have a goal, to be clear what you are trying to achieve, who you are targeting and what resources and resources you have for it. From here, the following is to develop an effective content strategy and be used in depth to capture the attention of your target audience; Which can be summarized as being different and adding value.

A basic ingredient for a Social Media strategy to work is to know how to listen. You have to keep in mind that in Social Media what is important is not the brand, but your customers. Try to pay attention to what they say; So you can know who they are and what interests they have. Find out what they expect from you and strive to give it to them.

It is also important to highlight some data that reveal that only 4% of companies are really convinced that they correctly analyze the return on investment of their marketing actions. It is indeed the great subject pending of the marketers. 70% recognize that it is especially difficult to measure the impact of actions on Social Media. In order to make an effective evaluation, it is necessary to have the necessary tools and resources, as well as to establish the appropriate KPIs, in order to measure what really matters.

To think that our social forgery is only aimed at improving our sales results is usually a fairly widespread error. Being in social networks is an act that requires a lot of predisposition and willingness to serve, away from the self-centeredness of the conventional media, where the brand is shown as an all-powerful being who rules in his own world under his own doctrine. Nothing further from reality, in the 2.0 world the roles have been exchanged; Here is the brand who is available to his followers, should pay more attention and demonstrate that their efforts are focused on improving the quality of their relationships to earn the much-quoted trust.

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