Brands now produce more content in social media

IAB, association representing the advertising, marketing and digital communication sector, today presents the II Study of the Activity of Marks Social Media, prepared by the Committee on Social Media and led by partner companies Gestazión, Ontwice and Creative Territory. This study shows the activity of the major brands investing in major social networks.In addition, it applies qualitative values to quantitative data and measures the impact of a brand on the new social networking environment, through the model PRGS *: (P- Presence, R-Response, G- and S- Generation Tip).

This study was a practical exercise that continues the first version introduced last year and feel some first base (there is no similar study on the market) through a complex and difficult research, but with results very simple to implement. It allows us to offer objective data (public and without feeling) and make a real comparison between sectors and brands. It provides guidelines to help brands establish objectives in the development of social strategies.

Brands now produce more content in social mediaAccording to data provided by the second wave of this study, brands now produce more content in social media, seeking engagement, added value and quality of experience, although its volume has declined. Meanwhile, users are increasingly more social networks, which has forced manufacturers should diversify and adapt their content to each social network to achieve more and better interactions with users from each network.

Here are the main conclusions of the brands tested are as follows:

  • It is ranked as the brand that maintains the largest community in social media among the companies analyzed, followed by Iberia and Samsung.
  • The Video Games sector, led by Nintendo and followed by PlayStation, are evidence that companies are more active in social media. Third Universal stands.
  • Axe is the mark of those studied, which generates greater response among his followers. FOX and Warner Bross in second and third place respectively.
  • As for content generation proactively by the user in the profiles of advertisers analyzed, Iberia leads the ranking, followed by Samsung and PlayStation
  • A community level, brands are getting more and more relevant and users to maintain a high interest to remain in the same
  • The suggestion refers to the content of the brand that users decide to publish on their own profiles. In this regard, it is first Xbox then Volkswagen and Universal.

Comparison by sector

  • The distribution sector is the one with the largest number of fans in 2013.
  • Sports has become the sector with the highest number of publications done in different social media and the first variable “suggestion”, indicating that the content generated is of great interest to users.
  • The group receiving more responses from his followers is the Beauty and Hygiene.
  • The followers generate more information on their own initiative in profiles or pages Telecommunication sector. As a result, manufacturers must maintain their rate of active listening and be aware proactively generate conversations.
  • Finance Sector marks are doing a great job of involvement with their communities through branded content.
  • In the entertainment sector contents are massively shared, demonstrating that gamification is a section to take into account energize communities face. The user of video games tend to socially share their achievements and to participate more actively in the dissemination of such content.

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