Companies should start to really value the figure of the community manager

During a meeting held by the company Enconexo in the city of Barcelona, ​​the data and conclusions of a new study were published, through which the panorama and current situation of the ‘community managers’ in the companies has been analyzed.

The study, which involved a total of 75 experts in social networks, shows that 62% of the ‘community managers’ do not feel valued by the companies for which they work. The data also reveal that 34% of these ‘community managers’ are self-employed, 20% work for others and 15% consider themselves ‘freelance’.

Francesc Gómez, experts in the material and independent consultant, showed during the meeting that in his opinion, it is understandable that these professionals feel misunderstood and misplaced in the rigid business charts, since often they are “men-orchestra submitted to the pressure to reinvent professionally every few months and that also assume the professional risk of introducing innovations in the processes of the company “.

Gómez, pointed out that “under the name used to refer to professionals, ‘community manager’, different professional profiles related to communication and online marketing are grouped which must have a remarkable set of digital skills and have notions of multiple issues ”

These conclusions are in full agreement with an introspective on which Andrés Toledo, CEO of PuroMarketing, recently deepened, and in the overwhelmingly it made clear the figure of these professionals affirming categorically that “Community Management is not a paid informatician, because it represents and acts in consequence of the objectives and values ​​of the brand “.

Adriana Freixa, reputation consultant ‘on line’ in Enconexo, network of experts in reputation management, also highlighted and referred to the increasingly important figure of ‘community manager’ as “the voice, eyes and ears of a brand online, as a representative, listen to what they say about it, respond on their behalf and generate debates of interest “.

Freixa, showed the importance for companies to take advantage of this opportunity to interact in the media and social networks. Therefore, “the first thing that companies that consider entering social networks should do is listen, invest in knowing more where they are going to enter and in defining a strategy coherent with their brand”.

Once these aspects and strategic objectives have been defined, the figure of the ‘community manager’ is presented as the most important link in this whole process and to develop an efficient management of the actions developed or implemented through the media and social networks. Understood this, companies should start to value even more this new generation of professionals to which there is necessarily “to endow with resources and means to have the presence that a brand deserves”.

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