Consumer Experience A buzzword or something else?

In recent times this concept has been repeated, almost like a fad in business and business. However in most companies and from my own experience as a buyer, this happens not to be something that declaims and never put into practice, more than a brainy chat with teams or members or in a well painted as useless power point.

I get my hands on , as arrives daily lot of information, through different channels and stayed about working and developing this article based on a letter of Kees Kerkvliet Managing Partner of tote-m, entitled “The end of business as usual”

Consumer Experience A buzzword or something elseWe highlight some interesting concepts developed:

  • Sometimes you have to hurt your client
  • Customer satisfaction does not say much about its retention as such
  • You should not always listen to your customer
  • Your client may be your most important competitor
  • You have a real problem if you want to have everything perfect

When we talk about corporate mission and brand values what are referred to? Basically to three aspects:

  1. Knowing your customers and manage your relationship with them (CRM: Customer Relationship Management) human and personal way.
  2. Fascinate your customers . managing and knowing his experience as such (Customer Experience Management) to make it memorable for them (and profitable for your company)
  3. Engage your customers properly managing the life cycle (CLM: Customer Life Management) to obtain a lasting and positive relationship.

Customer Experience (Customer Experience) is the perception the customer has of its direct or indirect interactions with your brand. Do your customers have a tattoo of your brand? Do not? Well, you should

That means you’ve managed to transform your customer experience in “personal experience”. And it has to do with …

  1. Customer perception : how you perceive or feel your brand through all your senses: see, touch, hear, smell and taste your brand.
  2. All interactions : ie consumer behavior at each point of contact with your brand. How do they behave? How they are reported and buy? What attitude take when encountering a problem or complaint? Are you sure that people continue to act as they always did?
  3. Brand : wise that 45% of your customers attest to your brand to their friends and 30% also leave written as consumers experience digital testimony. This occurs mainly on sites like Tripadvisor , Booking and of course Twitter and other social media platforms.Whether you know it or not, like it or not, this conversation is developing and your company, brand and yourself are in it.

And what, you tell your clients to others? His experience …

  • On customer service
  • On your prices
  • On handling claims or
  • The quality of your product

Keep this in mind, the modern consumer looks different, unique experiences and tell that experience on social networks in the form of stories. And throughout history there are heroes and villains: which side will you be? The client can not be right but it certainly has the floor.

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