Consumers connected with businesses become ‘evangelists’ and brand advocates

People who feel connected to brands and companies are more likely to participate and recommend these companies through social and mobile media, highlighting the importance of creating relationships with their customers.

This is evidenced by a new report by Motista, which emphasizes that this type of relationship can turn consumers into genuine evangelism clients in a new mission through which these clients extend the benefits of a company or product and recruit. New customers.

The study notes that ‘connected consumers’ spend the most time on online brands. They tend to visit the websites of their favorite stores and are 10 times more satisfied than the average in general. They are also four times more likely to follow companies on Facebook or Twitter.

While taking appropriate measures to build these emotional connections with consumers, merchants and companies will be making an investment that leads to great benefits. Connected consumers are 50% more likely to recommend their favorite stores to their friends and peers, generating more leads and conversions for retailers.

The long-term lesson for companies and retailers is the importance of establishing more ‘relevant connections with their customers,’ said Alan Zorfas, co-founder and marketing director of Motista. “We see that the connections lead to higher purchase levels, as well as a greater amount of promotion in all industries, as long as the brands that act on these data are capable of running marketing campaigns.”

Content marketing is an effective way to build relationships with connected consumers. With the publication of deep and relevant content, added to their distribution where customers are located (websites, social channels or email newsletters), retailers can establish themselves as reliable and reliable sources for buyers.

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