Creating a solid after-sales communication channel through social networks

On many occasions I meet with business leaders who do not know how to take advantage of the digital communication channels that are currently booming, especially the social media channel.

Of the different channels of communication that is usually used in online or digital marketing, the one that takes the palm to today and by thrashing is the marketing in social networks or social media. 

Creating a solid after-sales communication channel through social networksAnd it is not for less, since social networks as has been talked about on multiple occasions, the great attraction they have is the opportunity for the brand to engage in a conversation with users of its products and services, this creates a Enormous amount of possibilities to generate conversations around the brand and its products, reporting us a huge amount of information.

What I want in this article is to reflect if all companies with any product have room to participate in that conversation. In fact in companies of the sector of the consultancy they comment to me that how they can make use of the social networks if its clients are other companies without considering social networks for professionals like Linkedin? Can a computer consulting firm have benefits using social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+? .

In fact another consultant told me that they did not see how to make a profit using Facebook because they did not see the sense of using this social network to contact the people in charge of computers or HR of potential companies.

I will not talk about the benefit of social networks for the reputation of the brand nor will I argue any of that to say that these companies also have to be in general socialist networks.

Let us reflect, let us analyze one of the main communication needs of the consultants to their clients.

An important channel of communication for these companies is the after-sales service, customer service, or Hot line as they often call many consulting software solutions to their telephone customer service. Your customers when they have an issue call the customer service and many times the customer has to spend many, many, many, minutes listening to the song of the switchboard which makes communication difficult and worsens the relationship with the customer.

Why not create a solid after-sales communication channel through social networks, generating real-time communication and improving the communication experience with customers ?.

Use the phone less and talk more about Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

Social networks can serve for these companies to create an SQR repository (suggestions, complaints and complaints) by talking to their client companies. The customer service can find in social networks a huge communication channel that can improve the communication experience with customers.

If this is done by the end product companies with the customer on the street and has been a success, do it yourself with your customers. 

The use that companies can give to social networks has to be based on the communication needs they may have towards their customers.

In this line of business to business are slower changes and companies have a hard time incorporating new lines with their customers, it is a slow road but with steady pace, the problem is that companies from other countries walk at a faster rate, So behave, renew or die!

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