Do your company’s actions on social networks serve a strategy?

In Social Media there are no big or small; the fact that a company is small does not imply that its performance is “to walk by house”. Customers demand the same level of involvement and professionalism on the part of the brand, regardless of the number of employees it has, or the resources available to develop their presence in social networks.

For this reason, companies must take it seriously and use all the tools at their disposal, in order to develop an adequate online presence and offer a quality service through Social Media. They have to keep in mind that social networks are not a means for improvisation; here it is important to have a strategy, set goals and design actions aimed at achieving them.

Do your companys actions on social networks serve a strategyWhat do brand clients expect in Social Media?

Let them be there when they are needed: Social networks are not just a showcase of the brand; But a place for interaction. For this reason, clients expect that there is indeed someone behind, able to interact and keep the community alive.

A quick and effective response to your problems: Customers use social media as a means to target brands. For them, it is my pleasure to send them a message, and they expect the company to be able to solve their problems in the same way.

A personalized service: It is a means to initiate a conversation from you to you; Where they provide a close treatment. Here the brands have the possibility of winning their customers, putting themselves at the same level, from person to person; Far from the cold and distant treatment that is transmitted through traditional means.

Do not use social networks solely as a sales tool: Customers demand quality content, leisure and entertainment; That allows them to interact with the brand, and share it with their contacts. Instead, if the company’s talk boils down to promotions and praise comments on their products; Customers will avoid having contact with it.

A strategic action in Social Media allows:

  • Analyze data, monitor and detect trends.
  • Detect customer requests on time and form, and be prepared to act.
  • Know in detail the customer, their tastes and preferences.
  • Find out their needs, and create solutions aimed at satisfying them.
  • Use your comments and suggestions to create interesting content.

In addition, having a strategy allows integration with other departments of the company, sharing information and joining efforts. In this way also offers a global vision of the company, working side by side, globally; All under the same prism, transmitting under a single voice.

Companies applying a Social Media strategy show greater cohesion with the marketing department (49% vs 39%), sales (40% vs 24%) and human resources (24% vs. 10%). The area where this advantage is most evident is in customer service (43% vs. 8%). This integration allows a more agile and effective action.

This integration and strategic planning is transmitted from the outside, but is also reflected internally; Which provides a double reward …

  • The companies are shown 4 times more satisfied with the results obtained when capturing the requests by the clients; As well as 1.8 times more proud of the quality of service provided.
  • In turn, they are 2 times more satisfied with the level of internal collaboration; Which results in greater productivity and improvement of the working environment.

Does your performance in social networks attend a strategy, or does improvisation reign?

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