Essential keys to create a truly social media strategy

The term strategy does not consist of a series of indications that are more or less beautiful on paper, it is a scheme that faithfully and in detail reflects the workflow that must be followed to be truly effective. they are not recommendations, nor the hypothetical representation of an unreal world, a “how should it be” … Rest assured that the correct design of the strategy will depend on the success of your action in social networks. But what are the steps and keys to a clearly defined strategy?

Detailed analysis of the situation

Situate yourself in the real plane and detail the characteristics that define your profiles in social networks. Its trajectory from the moment of its creation, the type of content that you have included so far, as well as the most effective publication schedule.

On the other hand, it studies the evolution of the followers, sociodemographic characteristics of the same, the way of interacting with your brand.

Once you have the radiography of each of your profiles, you will know in depth the reality that you face.


Evaluates if the actual situation obtained is the most appropriate for your company.
If it is revealed that your current audience is mostly made up of men over 40 years of age or teenagers under 25, when your company sells feminine beauty products …. Something you are doing wrong and it is time to find out what it is, as well as identify your audience, specify how is the target you intend to achieve with your strategy.

Determination of objectives

Establish a main objective, the cornerstone of your online strategy. The reason for your existence in social media. You can also determine complementary objectives, the previous steps that will take you up to the summit.


What are the orders that must be met for the strategy to be successful?
It establishes in detail the guidelines for action, do not write vague indications, but concrete steps to follow, instructions.
It is interesting to propose different scenarios, use flow diagrams that contemplate all the options. So, in a situation, in a single glance, you can identify the appropriate process and immediately know the steps to follow.


Once the strategy is launched, it is essential to closely monitor its evolution.
You have to be agile and be able to adapt and react to any circumstance, carrying out, if appropriate, a readjustment of the strategy. Each stage of this strategy must have an analysis and evaluation of results. In this way you will know the effectiveness of it, find out your weak points, readjust any of your steps and polish to achieve its greatest effectiveness.

In a way, it’s a constant struggle to get notoriety, to build an online reputation; you face many inconveniences and great competition. Whoever is better prepared and knows how to use their weapons better will move forward and achieve the intended objectives.

Is your social media strategy effective? How would you define your tactic?

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