Five Essential Membership Management Features

When your organisation’s online membership reaches the point where its success depends on efficient 24/7 support, it’s time to look at more sophisticated membership software. Here are five reasons why good software is essential to maintain a thriving membership base.

Five Essential Membership Management Features

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Flexible Form Building

The first point of contact a member will have with any organisation they wish to join is the membership form. Software that allows you to build and customise your own forms means that you can tailor your members’ experience the way you want it – and modify it if need be. For organisations that have multiple activities, a number of forms can be built.

Automation of Communications Systems

While the personal touch is an asset to any customer relationship, the complex nature of some membership organisations means that keeping on top of all communications as well as tracking members’ responses can become an impossible task. With the right communication and marketing tools you can manage all types of communication, from emails to social media activity.

Staying connected with your membership base is essential, but when that means a round-the-clock automated communication system, providers like can deliver membership management software that can take care of 5000 or more members. In addition, membership management systems have been shown to improve communication between teams in large organisations, as explained in a recent LinkedIn blog about Customer Relationship Management.

Five Essential Membership Management Features 2

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Membership Fee Processing

For a large membership, automated fee management is a must – from tracking fee renewals to managing donations and processing payments. Sophisticated software should be able to allow customisation of fees, such as offering discounts or setting prices for merchandise or events.

Member Profiling

The most important parts of your membership organisation are the members themselves. Knowing your members means that you can target them with events and engagements that they’re likely to want to get involved in, so you need a sophisticated profiling feature which can be customised to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Member Portal

Members like to have control over their accounts, so it’s good to have an interactive member portal that is accessible 24/7. As well as enabling members to update their own profiles, membership software can also help build a community of members via a message board and provide a space for blogs, news articles and other information that will help them feel like they belong.

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