How to counter negative comments in social networks

Social networks have become a huge bulletin board, where users can make public everything they want. Here they expose all their experiences, thoughts and opinions, as well as positive and negative comments towards brands. The latter can have harmful consequences for brands, who can seriously damage their online reputation if they do not know how to react in time:

How to counter negative comments in social networksWith the advent of social networks everything has reached a public dimension, users already have a loudspeaker to let the marks what they do not like. The word-of-mouth effect of these negative comments runs like gunpowder all over the net, dragging along the good name of a brand. Companies should be very attentive and know how to mitigate the negative effects of these comments:

How to counter negative comments:

Activate all radars. In Social Media it is essential to have adequate tools to monitor the brand. This way you can detect any negative mention of the brand at the time it occurs. Do not center such monitoring exclusively in the name of the brand, it also includes the company’s, its products, the sector in which you move and any other related topic. Keep in mind that users do not have to explicitly mention the brand in their complaints, nor do they express themselves as you would, but they can refer you in many different ways.

Have a plan of action prepared.Do not suddenly catch you. It is important that you have some guidelines for intervention in this type of situation. As well as your team has knowledge of them, and have the appropriate training in each case.

Act professionally. Never get carried away by emotions, or enter into a cross fire of insults or contempt. Adopt a conciliatory attitude, listen carefully to the client and assist him with respect and education, expressing you in a kind and correct tone. In this way you will feel unarmed, you will see that your attacks do not cause the desired effect and will gradually give way.

Put great doses of positivism.It buries the negative comments that appear on the network with huge amounts of content in favor of the brand. It emits press releases, creates posts with information of special interest in your blog, with a high viral component that is transmitted quickly by social networks. Leave comments and personal contributions on relevant websites of the sector; in short, fills the network of quality information for the company, interesting for your users. In this way the negative comments will lose importance and disappear.

It’s better to prevent than to cure.Displays positive content in springs. Adopt as usual practice within your strategy in Social Media, and as part of your SEO actions, to regularly generate quality content, in all possible formats: videos, infographics, studies, posts? In this way you have created an important brand presence, which will greatly reduce the reputation of negative comments that may occur.

Have you had to deal with the negative comments of your users? What have you done to counteract its effect?

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