Improve the online service and enhance loyalty, the best strategy to avoid losing customers

ATG (Art Technology Group Inc.), provider of e-commerce solutions, has announced the results of a survey at European level that analyzes the satisfaction of users with the services and online supports of their mobile operators. The study highlights that is the least satisfied country with the online service it receives, with 40% of people dissatisfied with their current mobile operator, compared to 18% of European average.

The survey, conducted in France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Spain, shows that more than half of (56%) have changed operator more than once in the last five years due to having received a service unsatisfactory, which exceeds the European average in this aspect (47%).

In addition, 62% of would change operator only for the incentive of obtaining a new device, a figure that on average in Europe does not exceed 43%.

Likewise, the country that most frequently access the online services of customer service of operators, more than 4 times a month, which could be related to the dissatisfaction that users perceive for the service received. Likewise, it should be noted that 34% of users, the highest figure in Europe, points to the free online service (Click to Call) as the most desired option to improve customer service, as this application I would put them in direct contact with a person from the company who would offer them live help.

Operators can solve some of these aspects, such as offering a personalized and easily accessible service, or having as much automation as possible and having the information that customers need. This is possible with platforms such as ATG Commerce, which facilitate the customization of Web sites. In this way, operators can offer their customers the most suitable options for them at the moment they connect, such as certain plans, devices or offers that adapt to the needs of their profile.

The ATG Commerce trading platform facilitates the personalization of websites to increase conversions and reduce abandonment. Companies can also add optimization services to the platform to implement an integrated and integrable solution with other existing modules in the company, both for sales and service. These optimization services can be easily added to any website to increase conversions and reduce abandonment.

This study may be of interest for operators to improve services and at the same time benefit by reducing the rate of abandonment of the page and / or during the purchase process. In addition, it allows them to offer better service to their customers, improving loyalty and increasing the frequency of use of the portal.

Brendan Cooling, Director of Customer Development for Communication Solutions at ATG, comments on the results: “With the saturation of the markets, mobile operators are increasing the fight not to lose customers, so improving the online service and customer loyalty. Customer is very important. The technology for companies to personalize each customer’s experience is now available and relatively easy to integrate into existing websites. More and more people are seeking online attention, and this study should be considered a wake-up call. Nowadays, operators must establish better relations with their customers and have to deploy a personalized online service if they intend to attract and retain them. “

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