In Social Networks there is no place for cowards

It is always risky to face a new challenge, a new situation, because we never know how our audacity can end.

However, whoever does not take risks does not go through the sea, as the saying goes, and, in these times, it is important to be aware of the need to undertake, to be creative and to try to differentiate ourselves from others.

Social networks have come with a lot of strength to stay, and, due to the great options and possibilities offered to large and small companies, especially small businesses (since it gives them the option to compete with larger companies and leave the liza in something more balanced), every time it reaffirms more the importance of these new platforms when it comes to their implementation in our business network.

Although there are many people who see in these new media and channels the solution to the problem of competitiveness of their businesses, there are also many who do not dare to make the leap to the dospuntocero, perhaps, due to ignorance or, perhaps for cowardice. But there is no place in social networks for cowards.

Someone who does not dare to innovate or introduce changes in their business, should not enter social networks, because it will fail miserably in complete safety.

Someone who does not dare to establish a double channel of communication to allow their customers to communicate with them openly, should not enter social networks. This type of companies, small businesses, if we want, are businesses anchored in the past that sooner or later will be forced, although they do not realize that this obligation is already implicit in the new changes produced around them, to evolve already leave the encorsetamiento in which they are.

If we are unable to convert the conversation with our clients for fear of being exposed to their criticisms and complaints, we should not enter social networks.

The cowardice of not being able to create a new way of relating to our customers will lead us to be other competitors who take advantage of the benefits of knowing the audience and knowing what they want, what they are interested in and what the brand expects, what will possibly translate into greater engagement, a greater emotional connection of the user with us, and facilitate the client to be us and not the competition, who buy a product or a service.

It is very easy to see how others do the work, but what is really complicated is taking part, not allowing doubts or fears to intimidate us and leave us in a frightened corner. That is not the attitude in Social Media.

Social Media is synonymous with action and conversation, and, once again, there is no place in them for cowards, for those who do not dare to be creative. And you, do you dare?

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