Is marketing the solution to the crisis for SMEs?

We are in crisis, this is an undoubted fact, and that customers no longer knock on our door to buy us is something that is also out of the question.

So, if our clients do not call us, and the few who do, every day they do it less often, what can we do to attract them?

The answer is simple, marketing.

Nowadays no company is saved from having to do marketing to get new clients. The times in which “the good cloth in the ark sells itself” have been left behind, we can have the best of the products, the cheapest or the one with the best after sales service, but if we do not communicate it or we do not Well, we will not sell enough and our competition will devour us.
This situation, which does not seem very promising, has a simple solution that is divided into 4 simple steps:

The necessary steps to sell today. Analyze, Think, Act and Control


The first thing we must do is observe, take data and analyze them: who is our client, why do we buy, know what the competition does that we do not do, how can we improve our product, etc. Questions that seem logical to all of us but that day by day often prevents us from doing it. Taking a step back, and looking with perspective is often the best solution to our problems. Taking time to take this step is to guarantee a great part of our sales success.


Information alone is nothing if we do not know how to use it. Once collected and analyzed, we must sit down with our team and add value to that information; We must extract all its juice, draw conclusions and develop strategies that lead to actions that respond to our business objectives and help us sell, build loyalty and strengthen our image in the market.


Once we have designed our “attack plan” with all the actions we have to take, we have to make one of the most complicated of all: assign a budget and an action schedule. We must continue to think when it is important to do what and how and put it into operation, either with our own equipment or external, but we must transfer what is in our head to the real world. This is the most important step, to turn ideas into action and a step in which many companies remain, the fear of action is a common evil in our society, and companies are not exempt from this evil. Remember that ideas alone, are not dangerous or risky if we do not put them in motion. At this point, if fear grips us, It is very useful to think if the actions we are going to take come from a specific idea or have responded to a logical process of analysis, study and maturation as we have already discussed. If we are faced with this second case, we must push ourselves to action. It is clear that nobody assures us success, but that is one of the clauses that we signed the day we decided to become entrepreneurs, security at that time becomes an elusive dancer who never wants to dance with us.


The last step, but not the least important though most of the time is the most forgotten, is the step of control. We must continuously analyze the results of the actions and our plan, looking for deviations and taking corrective measures, which in the step of “thinking” would have been decided by foreseeing these deviations, which surely will be. This continuous feedback is what is going to make our plan something continuous, that flows over time and evolves as our company evolves, converting it into a living entity that anticipates problems and does not limit itself to reacting late to them.

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