Keys to new mobile marketing

There are 4 billion mobile phones in the world, of which 27% are smartphones, which means that there are 1 billion potential buyers for mcommerce. The use of these smart devices continues in crescendo, to the point that in 2014 users are expected to navigate more time with their mobile than with the computer. This implies an important niche market for companies, who have not hesitated to direct their gaze towards this target audience. According to TechNavio data that we discover an interesting infographic of Microsoft Tag, interactive mobile marketing will grow by 28.5 per year until 2016. Here are some of the keys to take into account to develop an effective strategy in this environment: 

Keys to new mobile marketingLocation is the new context

One of the main advantages of mobile advertising is the ability to impact the user here and now; At the right moment, appearing in the proper place; These types of ads have a high convertibility index. It depends on the advertising strategy to use the geotargetization to optimize its message. 

Mobile Advertising Must Be Shocking and Interactive

Traditional advertising formats no longer serve. Advertising inserts must be different, with an interactive component that attracts the user and incites them to action and, above all, never seem intrusive. The challenge is to squander creativity and innovation, in order to create interactive ads. A brake on this aspect is that developers encounter a multitude of devices, for those who have to readapt the ads, which means a greater economic effort. 

The advantages of MRAID 2.0

Mobile Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) allow advertisers to develop a large-scale mobile marketing media plan, using the application platforms to be broadcast. This facilitates the commercialization of media, and in turn implies that the campaign has to be developed around a standard. 

The mobile video, increasingly demanded by users

Users demand attractive content, tailored to their interests. It is a medium with a high interactive and viralization component. The development of mobile technology encourages online video to gain more and more fans, which is an opportunity for brands, who can take advantage of audiovisual content to create more attractive campaigns and encourage conversion. This growing demand for online video by users is going to favor a rapid development of the sector. Also, some regulation of the sector is necessary, establishing a standard of mobile video ads that promote its commercialization. 

Monitoring and study of patterns of mobile behavior

As in any other support, it is necessary to know the users of the mobile devices. Discover your behavior patterns, how users interact with your device; What preferences do they have, What is the most attractive format for displaying information; As well as detect their weaknesses and strengthen the weak ones. In this way you can optimize your actions, adjusting them to what users really demand. 

Mobile marketing is still in the midst of development, but it is advancing by leaps and bounds. In the coming months we will witness substantial changes.

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