Maybe it’s time to rethink the approach to mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is fashionable. However, 79% of users say that the ads on their mobile devices are intrusive. How can you fight against it, making the user feel involved and increasing conversions?

Fjord, leading consultant in digital design services, believes that the consumer experience should be at the center of advertising, so that the user feels more involved than interrupted. After all, the less irritated the user, the more clicks he will make. But to reach this point, we do not necessarily have to start from scratch.

Maybe it's time to rethink the approach to mobile advertisingA YouGov research reveals that 88% of users ignore the ads that appear in the applications, while 86% do the same with ads on the mobile web. In addition, 79% ensure that the ads on their mobile devices are intrusive. With poorly designed ads, causing more user frustration than conversions, can we talk about a finished model? Is this a sign that mobile advertisers have lost their way and that’s the way it is, how can this be remedied?

While the jury is still deliberating, it may be time to rethink the approach to mobile advertising and adopt a new approach.

Learning in other sectors allows us to identify how to attract consumers successfully and in an unquestionably profitable way. The games are an excellent example. Many of them reward their users with elements of the game, benefits and credits if the user shares something on Facebook or installs an application. If this applies to the context of mobile advertising, the door opens to a new era of user-directed advertising that can be much more powerful than the current model.

Three steps to achieve “the passion” of the consumer

  1. Connect : discovery in an increasingly crowded market;
  2. Know: engage users with your service;
  3. True love: loyalty, a fluid, meaningful and always present relationship.

In this sense, Mark Curtis, CCO of Fjord, comments: “The work of service designers is increasingly difficult, since they can not focus only on usability, flows, good graphics and animations. The social hooks, the upsell , the location, loss of clients, frequency, and level of engagement are going to become central themes of the design “.

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