Mobiles are changing buying habits and companies must adapt to this reality

The president of the Mobile Marketing Association says that “a simple application can be much more effective than a much more elaborate and expensive”

The president of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), Cristina Recuero, ensures that Mobile Marketing is another screen within the company’s 360 communication strategy, because these terminals have changed consumer habits and now “all we are potential customers”.

The expert in Mobile Marketing, Cristina Recuero, says in an interview with Webpositer agency that companies “can not or should not ignore the technological changes that are taking place around this medium and, above all, how users are modifying our habits”. Recuero is the head of the MMA, an entity that seeks business opportunities, technological innovation and human resources development for agencies, advertisers, operators, service providers and mobile content, as well as companies related to marketing activities. through mobile devices.

Cristina Recuero explains that Mobile Marketing is another screen in the 360 ​​communication strategy, as well as a channel of connection with the fundamental customer, given that «the mobile is in the hands of everyone and we are all potential customers».

For this expert, the adaptation of corporate pages to these devices is now “essential” if we want our potential customer or user to access at any time, anywhere, our information.

In fact, 20% of mobile telephony users access the Internet through their terminals and it is expected that, by 2015, Internet consumption through mobile devices will be at the top of the connection media. In this sense, the expert in Mobile Marketing highlights the importance of rapid adaptation by companies and businesses to technological innovations in the medium.

The president of the MMA indicates that this technology is changing the purchasing habits and companies must adapt to mobile technologies to avoid a significant loss of competitiveness in the market. Recuero advises SMEs to integrate Mobile Marketing into their strategies through messaging, coupons, advergaming, display, etc.

Professional profiles, a pending issue

According to the last Investment Study carried out by the MMA this year, what is most worrying to advertisers today is “training, integration of the mobile medium in their strategy by their Agencies and developments and content adapted to mobile”. For Cristina Recuero, the main pending issue in this sector is the shortage of professionals who have a great knowledge of mobile marketing tools and strategies.

Thus, although advertisers value the ability to segment and measure, the relationship with electronic commerce or the image of innovation that the medium offers, they must still overcome barriers like this one. For this, the MMA collaborates with different schools and universities to train professionals in the mobile medium, as the first professional program in Mobile Marketing developed by the Kschool and under the direction of Recuero.

Mobile APP and other interaction formulas

The current director of Mobile Marketing at Grupo Vivaki, for the Publicity Agencies of Grupo Publicis, affirms that there are no “star applications” at the professional level, but that their development will depend on the objectives of the brand and, on this basis, “a Very simple application can be much more effective than a more elaborate and expensive one ».

This expert explains that the interaction between users of mobile terminals and brands can be carried out through QR codes, mobile games, applications, social networks, mobile sites, messaging or ecommerce.

Keys to a quality audience

The expert in Mobile Marketing says that the keys to achieving a quality audience reside in “simple PPP developments, good ideas and content adapted to the environment”. These attributes must be linked to the geolocation of the company, exploiting to the maximum the commercial possibilities of being a medium where mobility prevails. Cristina Recuero also emphasized the need to adapt content to “what the potential client expects from us”.

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