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10 IBM SaaS solutions

Everyday successful companies save time and costs using software as a service (SaaS). These platforms are driving the way it works within a company and allows you to collect information needed for decision-making.

According to a survey by the IBM Information Applied Intelligence Center, most users agree that the use of these platforms results in a more competitive and better customer service.

Know what some of the IBM SaaS solutions have to meet every need of your business. These programs can help your business to improve their times of operation and analysis to move faster on the market. Continue reading 10 IBM SaaS solutions

5 Things NOT to do when you have an SME

You have a small business? Eye, these actions must avoid at all costs to achieve growth.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2005. My first creative design company born of a partnership with my girlfriend. The truth is it was a five-year experiment on how to run a business. As a financial effort had moderate success as a learning experience, it was the equivalent of a master’s degree in the best business school in the world. Continue reading 5 Things NOT to do when you have an SME

Business plan for an ecommerce

“If you approach launch an e-commerce business, regardless of the sector that interests you,   looking for a specialist with clearly identifiable products project, trying to make the product a brand or brands, and lead you in this way, kind of prime consumers to price the service.   There will interest the buyer opts for shops or other Internet offers and basically looking for money.  You do not have to move to other recommended for competitive prices”. It is clear that each product will have a business plan, a price and different sales expectations, but these guidelines will help you to focus properly sized and your company. Continue reading Business plan for an ecommerce

How To Reduce Your Car Insurance Payments

The first thing to consider before buying a new or used car is the cost of car insurance. Many people overlook insurance when budgeting for a new vehicle. Insurance rates can vary based on the age of the car, vulnerability to break-ins or safety record. Knowing how to strategically shop for car insurance can guarantee that you won’t have to sacrifice quality for an affordable plan. Continue reading How To Reduce Your Car Insurance Payments

5 Ways To Strengthen Your Business

You can strengthen your business and leave the competition behind with a good strategy that allows you to expand your business. Keep your customers happy and add value to your offer of products and services are some of the keys to grow your business. Start implementing the following points.

1. Perspective

Take away the daily operations and analyze your strategy to win new business. Spend time outside the company, look what you’re doing right and where you can improve. Perform a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) to find new ideas and methods to move your company forward. Continue reading 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Business

5 Important Questions Every Business Needs To Answer About Its Customers

Beginning and building success your own business might be overwhelming. Keeping in mind numerous entrepreneurs cringe at the negligible notice of drafting a business for success, planning the successful business growth it is an incredible activity to recover your business on track and to plan future development. All the more particularly, it drives you to guide out where you are presently, where you have to go and above all how you want to get there. If you  are a first time entrepreneur. Continue reading 5 Important Questions Every Business Needs To Answer About Its Customers

Why You Need to Get Your Construction Business Health & Safety Accredited

Health and Safety has been at the top of the construction industry agenda for a number of years now and rightly so. Although there has been a significant reduction in the number of injuries sustained, the levels are still too high. These account for 10% of all major workplace accidents reported and 22% of employee fatalities whilst employing only 5% of the population. It encompasses not only accidents on site, but ill health from other related illnesses such as more than 5,000 cases of occupational cancer reported annually. Continue reading Why You Need to Get Your Construction Business Health & Safety Accredited