Personal Productivity: The key 4 areas to achieve your goals

You can now be a new year, because you changed jobs or because you’re going to start a new business. The fact is that at some point in your life, a new horizon with real opportunities that want to take advantage and take a step forward in your career will open.

Unfortunately, often fails to reach the achievement of goals scored and that can lead to frustration and can even affect all areas of your life. The work and personal life often go hand in hand and are like two communicating vessels that they feed back with each other.

In this post I will put the focus on four key areas that can promote and revolutionize your methods to achieve all those that you had proposed.

Personal Productivity The key 4 areas to achieve your goalsAll 4 key areas to achieve your goals

You can rely on the following areas:

1- Area Motivational: This is the true “engine” that will drive all your actions to the next level. Focused on these concepts:

  • Feeling secure with yourself: This requires personal work so that no cracks
  • Familiarity with your personal motivations: What moves you? What you really care?
  • Find your sources of inspiration: Mentors, books, movies, training programs..
  • Plan your goals well: They have to be real, clear and consistent lifestyle you want to lead

2- Area of discipline: For all these desires and motivations need some specific guidelines to be making steps in the right direction and mark limits not to deviate:

  • Procrastination: Said the postponement without a specific reason for tasks that sooner or later will have to do. If you want to get away, the sooner the important tasks done better.
  • Avoid multitasking: Focuses everything you can to not go to work so dispersed. In the digital field, try to avoid all open social networks at key times of the day.
  • Perseverance and initiative: Do not let situations and tries to overpower you anticipate emerging needs. Enduring is something obvious but always good to remember its importance.
  • Learn to say NO: If not refuse to know certain people you will be a person aimlessly and go where the wind blows. For all that, not relevant, that set you apart from your daily / monthly / yearly goals deserves a negative of you.

3- Area Health: Need care of your body as it is your instrument. A poor level of health will limit a lot if you’re not up on:

  • Eating healthy and avoid excesses
  • Make exercise regularly
  • Regulate the extreme levels of stress

4- Area Sleep: This could almost be in the above area but is so important that I have set apart:

  • Ensures minimum hours of rest a day
  • Try to relax before going to sleep
  • Do not overeat at night

These 4 areas must be supplemented with some extra tips:

  • Focus on yourself first: If you do not get to be at peace with yourself and know what you want exactly you should not pass later stages
  • Surround yourself with the right people: Whether you like it or not, you need help of others to get what you want
  • “The culture of effort”: No big wins if no effort. This, like everything in life is trained and can become your best habit.

You consider are these 4 areas necessary for achieving personal goals?

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