Social media professionals: You will not go to bed without knowing one more thing

This, our changing world of social media, dawns every day with a new twist. You never know what awaits you, it can be Google with the presentation of your new pet, Mr. Zuckemberg experimenting day after day with his TL; or the birth of another new social network that comes to saturate an increasingly competitive market … what will be next? You will never know that, but better not to be caught by surprise:

A professional is an amateur who never gave up.

Right phrase of JS Bach that can be applied perfectly to the day to day in our sector. The true professionals never cease in their intention to improve. In their work to improve themselves day by day they continually strive to learn. Include in your daily tasks the healthy habit of continuing to learn, training, acquiring skills and perfecting your knowledge. Everything is not written about this environment that surrounds us; rather on the contrary, there is still much to discover, do you want to be a true professional, or just to look like it?

Question the reality. If something works, do not relax and disregard it; remains alert to the minimum tendency of change. Consider what aspects are susceptible to improvement, how you could go further. Needless to say, if the results are not as expected, you have to rethink the strategy and experiment with new ways to achieve your goal.

Do not settle or settle following the established steps, sticking to the usual path. At the least expected moment everything turns upside down and can ruin your strategy. Then you will feel disoriented and not knowing what to do. A relatively recent example is in the radical change suffered by the Facebook fanpage, making the landing pages pass to a better life and forcing you to completely redesign the interface of your social profile. Do not go where the road takes you, go where there is no road and leave your mark.

Constantly analyze, evaluate the global situation. Do not limit yourself to your organization, control your competition. It is important that you watch your enemy closely, follow their steps. You can learn a lot by observing and you can draw your own conclusions about what works and what is not recommended to apply.

Investigate beyond borders. Know the trends, what actions are carried out, what are the most outstanding success cases, anything goes. Do not focus only on your sector, it can even be more creative if you extrapolate a solution that you consider important and apply it to a sector diametrically opposed.

Develop your creativity, place your company at the forefront of innovation; explore unknown fields, experiment with new proposals. Dare with other types of content, trace different ways to reach your users. There are many ways to express the same message. Apply lateral thinking. Your users will appreciate your effort and will positively evaluate the results, welcoming the news.

Work hard and with constancy, keep in mind that what you do not do today, tomorrow will no longer be necessary, you will have arrived late.

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