The Community Manager, that great conversationalist

If there is something that all Social Media professionals agree on, it is in the fact that Social Media is equivalent to conversation and dialogue.

A dialogue or a conversation can be maintained in many ways and in many different tones, and only the interlocutors should establish them. If we start from that in Social Networks what is sought is that conversation, that bidirectional communication, between Community Manager and his audience, we must establish that both parties are the ones that establish the tone in which the dialogue will be developed.

Now, our community is made up of a large number of people who have a different personality and way of seeing Social Networks, which may differ between them, but it is the Community Manager who has to energize his audience in the tone and how they want, within limits, naturally, since we can not allow jarring notes on our timeline, such as users who use inappropriate words or tones in a work relationship.

The conversation must, first of all, be friendly and close, causing in each and every one of our followers a sense of closeness and accessibility to us, respecting at all times the fact that not all users will speak to us in the same way.

For this reason, the Community Manager has a very important task in talking with his community and knowing how to adapt appropriately to each of the different voices of his timeline, trying at the same time to speak with a voice of his own that can fit in with his community.

He must also be a perfect conversationalist and a perfect communicator. If our relationships are going to be based mainly on a dialogue and on honest and sincere conversations, we should be able to maintain those conversations in a pleasant and close manner, as we said a few paragraphs ago. Through these conversations we can achieve alliances and synergies with other professionals, we can make other colleagues get involved in projects that we are developing. The conversation also gives us the opportunity to be the ones who get involved in projects that other professionals are developing, collaborate with them and get much more visibility.

Let us not forget in any way that humanity is what makes us human, and there is nothing more human in this world than communication, it is a vital need of man.

If we are Community Managers in any company, the conversation with our audience should always revolve as much as possible around our product, service or brand, but being careful not to fall into spam, we must promote our brand or service, but following the 80-20 rule, that is, out of every 100 messages discharged, only twenty must be self-promotional, using the remaining eighty percent to spread other content.

However, if our brand is ourselves, we will enjoy a little more freedom, and the conversation about others will bring us great benefit for ourselves, since we will be a source of knowledge and interesting interaction.

To finish, remember that the Community Manager is like the shopkeeper of a lifetime, who knew when my dog ​​was sick or if my brother had gone to a job interview, and when we went for bread he asked us.

We must aspire to that, and that degree of engagement, whatever some people say, only the conversation gives. How do you convert?

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