The customer of the new century, fidelity based on participation

Years, since the crisis of the 1990s that hit new technologies focusing on a recessive cycle limited to the Internet, the social order was centered on inefficient productive models that, based on speculation and rapid enrichment, resulted in structural unemployment and deep decline in competitiveness.

In this scenario, the real world acts, while in the new society 2.0 … the society that moves towards the new precepts of advertising, the rise of social networks as transmitting marketing channels and a meeting point for active participation in the sales process on the part of the clients.

Customers … new customers have changed their consumption habits, although it is true that there is a growing trend in online shopping, we are still halfway between the increase in intention and participation of customers and the physical place where they perform your purchases

At the present time, the types of customers could be included in categories focused on the most effective channels to specify the purchase decision of the users.

Current customers value discounts, coupons, offers and promotions, whether they are exchanged in virtual stores or in physical establishments, whose integration is very simple for brands, will be considered as a good advertising strategy by customers.

Attention to the stock, we move through a world that advances in a vertiginous way, that is why brands must ensure that they have all their stocks up to date, in this way it will be guaranteed that the customer has access to the product at the moment their desire is unleashed to acquire it, which will increase the user’s valuation in relation to the brand.

Telephone support, during the purchase process it is very frequent that doubt arises. For this reason, customers value telephone service very positively.

Take advantage of the current cycle. Remember that we are going through a hybrid model in which more and more users are actively participating in advertising, marketing and brand promotion strategies, however there is still a clear tendency on the part of consumers to make their purchases in a physical establishment. Open the possibility of buying online and collect physically, is considered a plus in customer service and will undoubtedly be highly valued in Boca a boca.

Include Geolocation in your business, inform customers through advertising models based on Geolocation, which are the stores closest to your physical location, is a practice that integrates effectiveness in various aspects:

  • Segmentation
  • Satisfaction of needs
  • Increase in sales
  • Increased loyalty

Geolocation is consolidated as one of the best marketing and advertising strategies, achieving very optimistic projections for the future, mainly due to the efficiency that promises an increase in sales figures.

Finally, do not forget that the new production model is built thanks to constant innovation, increasing quality and creativity of the people behind each brand and each consumer.

The nature of the network places us before a scenario in which the customer of the new century is at the same time a brand, consolidated or incipient.

The participation and integration of clients builds new paradigms of marketing and advertising and it is in the interests and needs expressed by users through their habits, that a more efficient, optimal model is built with fidelity as the basis of the increasing quality and that in turn is what defines business 2.0. 9 … about to start 3.0.

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