The future of the payment of purchases is the mobile phone

The time when we make payments with our mobile phones as shown by Google, with its new mobile with Android operating system, or the next release of Apple, the iPhone 5, which will include a chip, field communications chip ( NFC), which will allow you to do this type of management without needing to use credit cards.

A coffee, subway or dinner can be paid by mobile phone by shaking it in front of a box or even a poster. This, which seems to us something of science fiction, is possible thanks to a small wireless technological chip, NFC or field communications chip, which allows the exchange of data between devices at a distance of ten centimeters. This chip is not only going to be applied to mobile payment but also to home automation, personal computers, consumer electronics devices and industrial equipment connecting them together to make consumer life easier.

In its application to mobile telephony opens a new path to mobile commerce that will allow consumers to carry cash and credit in a single device. For Google’s Eric Schmidt, the mobile wallet will replace bank cards and, according to Gartner consultants, 2019 will be the year in which most consumers use their mobile phones to make payments and make transactions.

The reasons for this change does not happen until 2019 is the difficult penetration that companies see this new service and, what is more important, that there is a large number of mobile phones that can not read the chips. Another reason is that retailers have to make a large investment to implement these technologies, an investment they consider unnecessary since the payment with credit cards is secure and secure.

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