The Importance of a Good Online Reputation for Professionals

The importance of a brand’s online reputation is very clear. Without it, they have absolutely nothing, but what about professionals? How important is it for us to have a good reputation online?

Exactly the same as for the company. Reputation is more than what we do on the internet, it is how we do those actions, how we relate to others, but, above all, how others perceive us.

The Importance of a Good Online Reputation for ProfessionalsThe company intends to sell a product or a service, and it is fundamental that the users perceive it in a certain way to be able to sell it and to create confidence in them. We, as professionals, are our own product, we sell ourselves, so it is imperative to create in other colleagues and prospects real and the feeling that we are trustworthy and that we will be able to respond to your needs.

If we need to define Reputation, we could say that it is the way in which others perceive us, the image they have of us, and this has to be necessarily, impeccable, although not enough, but we have to maintain and improve it until Limit, making our name and our personal brand a guarantee.

Reputation is also the gateway to new projects, not only with other professionals, but with recruiters from different companies, as, according to data collected by Kbsd, 48% of HR professionals use the different channels to see The reputation of a potential candidate for a job, as well as researching their capabilities based on publications you may have on the internet, such as blogs.

We must locate the conversations that we are subject at all times, to see the opinion that other users about us, and to be able to do something about it before the situation gets out of hand.

We should not be so naive to think that, because of not being in Social Networks, nobody will be talking about us, since if we are exposed to the client, even in the unopuntocero area, there will always be someone who is going to Make any comments, positive or negative, about our service, and we have to be prepared. The only channels that will provoke is that these comments become much more viral and have more scope.

In addition, we must take care of our image, since that will favor the future recruitment of the professional, taking into account that 63% of the scouts turn to social networks to find the perfect professional for their organization.

Although we are not the ones who upload material to social networks that can compromise us, we are never exempt from other people’s ability to do it, such as photos or videos of a crazy party in which we drank a little more, because That we must always keep in strict watchfulness what information circulates on the Internet about us, and any that may be harmful to us to try to be eliminated.

Creating a strong image and establishing a strong presence is the key to not suffering damage to our reputation by adding ourselves the information we want others to see of us. That is the key.

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